10 Secret Rituals To Meditate Like A Cat…

10 Secret Rituals To Meditate Like A Cat

In ancient Egypt 4,000 years ago, cats were worshiped. Was it only their mouse-ing abilities in a grain-oriented society that captivated attention, or was it their demeanor? Some supernal quality granted them royal status. Perhaps they appeared to be contemplating deep states of awareness. Just what is Cat Consciousness anyway? Anyone owning a cat, or being owned by one, has seen some pretty curious “practices” from this beautiful and intriguing species. According to the Humane Society, 86.4 million people in the United States have cats as household pets! There is a passionate attraction within this bonding. What mysterious talents do they have that endear them to us with such proclivity? One is their ability to hold themselves with seeming wisdom and dignity. Another is their profound ability to be observant in almost any situation.

What secrets might they hold for meditation? They certainly seem to be adept at meditating! They even want to get you to meditate! Here is what I have observed from my two cats. Sambuca is a Persian cat, a breed known for their friendly and calm dispositions, and Anisette is a Doll-Faced Persian, similar in nature, but with a little more spunk…and a little larger nose.

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Cats and Meditation

Of course, I consulted with them as to the best practices for a purr-fect meditation, and this is what they suggested:

  1. Walk slowly and slink into a very comfy spot.
  2. Be very still.
  3. Observe quietly with all of your senses.
  4. Purr…or chant, or whatever you can do: like repeating a mantra or the sound of OM.
  5. Do not be distracted. Even if someone calls your name pretend you do not hear them…unless of course they need you…or they offer food.
  6. Listen with all your being; more deeply now, and move your ears if you can, until all is still until all becomes “spaciousness”.
  7. Stay for some time. There is no rush. We only rush when we have to.
  8. Do this often. It is very beneficial, soothing, and natural. You may be granted insight!
  9. You will move toward Cat Consciousness. That’s another word for Enlightenment!
  10. Meditate with your favorite person if you can. You don’t necessarily have to sit on their lap, but it helps to keep them in place. Otherwise finding your place in the Sangha (community) is good. Meditating with others increases the depth of your spiritual development. Namaste.



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