Sivana Yogi Spotlight: Mary Bruce

My Goals:

Yoga allowed my to find my own voice and to share what is dear to my heart. I train teachers and I love to help my students remember their own voices and to share it in an authentic way.

I’m excited to be presenting Para Yoga throughout Europe and have a desire to continue sharing globally. I am in the process of writing a book, designing a yoga to street clothing line and preparing to launch a new business that involves yoga therapy and floatation tanks.

I also have a thirst to remain curious and to continue learning as much as I can for as long as I live 🙂

Why became an instructor:


I fell in love with yoga the very first time I took a class. At the end when the teacher told us to lie down in savasana something magical happened. For the first time since I could remember I didn’t think there was something wrong with me.

I tapped into that realm beyond the mind and body where I remembered I AM. I wanted more of that and I thought the best way was to take teacher training and the rest is history.

Where I Teach:

I teach at Spirit of Yoga in Tempe where I train teachers in the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program. I also teach at Urban Yoga in downtown Phoenix, as well as at Inner Vision Yoga in Chandler.

What I Teach:


I teach Para Yoga which is the power of tantra, the glory of yoga, the wisdom of ayurveda and the grace of an ancient tradition empowering one to thrive. I am also certified in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Who/What Inspires Me:

My teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker inspires me. He is a joyful human being, a truly generous teacher guiding with his knowledge and experience and he genuinely lives his yoga off the mat.

The vast beauty of Nature inspires me to see God everywhere. I am inspired on a daily basis when I keep my heart open.


My mission is to continue to see beauty everywhere and to follow my heart in all of my endeavors. As I trust in my self and the Universe I am of service to humanity. Here is a link to oneof the community projects that I support: Himalayan Institute.

Favorite Quote:

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion” Rumi

Side Note:

untitledA fun tidbit about me is that I toured with Grammy award winning band Sugarland for 6 years as their private yoga teacher.

I traveled all over the country doing what I love and getting to listen to great music and be part of a traveling community that I lovingly refer to as my road family. I love touring and traveling and spent 3 weeks In Switzerland teaching this last summer.

I will return in April of 2015 for another 3 weeks and am looking forward to adding a retreat to Bali in the near future.  I am also looking forward to being a featured speaker at  the Yoga Beyond the Poses Summit in November. Watch for details on my website.

Online and Social Sites:

Website URL:


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