I’m MartinJon Garcia, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m MartinJon Garcia, And This Is My Dharma

An artist and healer MartinJon has been connecting deeply with individuals through portraiture for over 16 years. Utilizing age old techniques to connect to energy, intuition and intention MartinJon has developed a healing modality to help his clients see and clear blockages within their lives utilizing portraiture. Having a solid foundation in the idea that everything we see is a reflection of ourselves MartinJon is able to help draw out deeply buried ideas that his clients are often not aware of. So much growth is possible simply by them seeing ourselves. This technique is considered fairly abrasive and not recommended for newcomers to the idea of energetic work or non-dualism.

Personal or Professional Goals:

I have a goal to build a center for art and healing in the Galician region of Spain. This space will include areas for learning, sharing and participating in both contemporary art as well as indigenous inspired arts and crafts. I am looking to have healing both of the self and the world be at the center of the mission of this space. This plan includes retreat spaces, invited artist and artisan residencies celebrating craft and its ability to connect and heal. I want this idea to aid me in helping support artists by giving some jobs, others opportunities, as well as building a collection of artwork and information about crafts and communities around the world. I also have a goal of helping all those that I connect with. Taking clients one at a time is a wonderful way to connect but I know this is a message that many people can benefit from and with a bit of guidance can teach themselves how to find their own answers and trust in themselves. With that in mind I ant to write about this in a variety of ways and those books and publications be published in many languages. I also want to work with groups helping individuals connect with others and open themselves to inspiration and intuition.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

I offer the world all that I am. I have nothing without the support and love of that which is around me and I attempt every day to be open and listen.

Who/What Inspires You?

I suppose the idea I have of Laozi. It is abstract and mainly unfinished but that is life. I like the unfinished, maybe it is that which is not complete or that which exists in contradiction, that inspires me most. When I was young I pretended to have a hero when I was asked, I even pretended to have a favorite food, number and color because none was better than the others. The questions was simply confusing. I was once inspired by a documentary called “The Mystery of Picasso” as I am an artist so that might not be a surprise. It was not Picasso that inspired me in that film, it was that we saw him create. The work arrived, some of them were manhandled and some were revealed but in both cases they showed, from start to finish, a conversation with the ethereal. Each existing without a label, claiming no knowledge or message, and as we find who we are, the message becomes clear, we love ourselves or we don’t.


My mission is to live from my heart. To be open and a vehicle for helping others see themselves. This could be through my facilitation work, my writing or an interaction with a cashier at the grocery store. I want to be a reflection of you, for you. If you are angry at me I welcome that, if you disagree with me I welcome that. Not because I want you to feel those things but maybe you have to. As I have to feel that which comes to me when I am unable to welcome you and your space. I promise you that I will look deep into myself, not to change you, but to further grow myself through that lesson.

Favorite Quote:

This is not quite a quote but a paraphrase
“Which is more dangerous,
success or failure?”
-Tao Te Ching

My Journey

The thing that finally got me off my ass to be a healer, I am embarrassed to say, was a diagnosis of MS. It wasn’t the diagnosis actually, it was what followed the diagnosis. For the most part I was fine with receiving the diagnosis, it took a few hours to accept that I now had to adjust my life a bit, but since that day people have been apologizing to me for having received it. Initially had friends come to me projecting their own fears that I did not share. And I realized how much healing I had experienced throughout my life and that there were people that I was close with that had not been exposed to these ideas at all. I also realized that I had been resisting my desire to go into the area of healing for a very long time. Today I write, speak and take clients and utilize portraiture to help individuals start asking the questions they need to in order to continue to grow. Concerning my MS I drastically changed my diet and ceased taking medications 2 years ago with only a few slight holdover symptoms from the initial flair ups I experienced. I am healthy happy and looking forward to building my practice and a center for healing and the creative arts.






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