March Astro-Message: Embracing Our Humanity…

March Astro-Message: Embracing Our Humanity

March Astro-Message: Embracing Our Humanity

This is quite the month. Throughout the next thirty days the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, and the South Node of the moon are all moving through Pisces.

If you aren’t familiar with astrology, then it may help to clarify what Pisces is all about: this is the sign of the infinite, the unconscious, and dreams. It’s actually hard to define Pisces because its whole purpose is letting go of definitions and answers, and that is exactly the energy we might all be feeling this month!

The world as of right now is undergoing a major transition in environment, politics, economics, relationships, and beliefs. Life can feel utterly confusing, as if at every corner the Universe is throwing you another reason to question everything and doubt yourself. Not only that, but all this Piscean energy can bring about past issues and unconscious fears we thought we had long dealt away with.

These feelings and memories may be extremely strong on March 8th, during the new moon solar eclipse in Pisces. This lunation conjuncts the South Node and Chiron. In simpler terms, we may feel very aware of our past and our wounds right now. Our unconscious emotions that have been hiding will arise during this time, but it is up to us to bring the light of our conscious mind to these issues.

Do not fear the new moon, because a solar eclipse is like a portal into new levels of awareness we may not have been able to reach before. March 8th will set the tone for the next six months, so really tap into your creativity at this time. Channel all your emotions and energies into a project, relationship, or activity that will help you feel more connected to the Earth and all its beings.

Another major aspect of March is the lunar eclipse in Libra on March 22nd. Eclipse season is a very intense time; it brings about new awareness of our creative role in the future (solar eclipse) and illuminates the current state of our present lives (lunar eclipse). The moon will be opposite Mercury, and this lunation as a whole will create tension in our relationships with others and ourselves due to its contradiction with our minds. We may feel that our hearts pull us in one way, asking for harmony and relationship, while our minds pull us in the opposite direction of intellectual freedom and independence.

The best thing you can do during this time is to honor your needs and others’. Create a balance between your independent ideas and the collective beliefs/feelings of those around you. This is definitely energy conducive to connecting heart and mind through creative use of the body and your relationship with others.

One of the last major aspects I’ll mention is the alliance between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. Saturn has to do with time, fear, and solidity; Uranus implements creative, lightening flash shocks to update the old; and Pluto is a powerful source of energy that destroys what is not useful so that something even better can be born.

These big players are not easy to adjust to, but if you take some time to get quiet and in touch with the occurrences in your life, you will be able to sense some major shifts happening within. We may experience a lot of doubt, fear, and restlessness. The muddy waters of Pisces are stirred up by the shocking forces of these three planets; but keep in mind that life will often create chaos just so change can happen. The messy arrangements of our lives right now – whether inwardly or outwardly — is all in good intention. Once the dust settles we will have not only an entirely new life, but also a clearer perspective more in line with truth.

Overall, the theme I am coining for this month is “embracing our humanity” because when you look deeply at yourself these next thirty days, I promise you will begin to recognize how utterly human and fragile we all are. We create stories and dramas and chaos all too often. It can be extremely hard to disillusion ourselves and accept this reality, but our humanity is not something to be upset about. We do not need to become Buddha, Jesus, God, etc., but rather we need to embrace our own unique paths amongst the chaos that is life. Accept your humanity, accept your individual dreams, and accept your weakness so that you will simultaneously embrace your own unique power all these inspiring teachers have spoken of.

Radiating love your way.


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