4 Daily Mantras For Avoiding Negativity…

4 Daily Mantras For Avoiding Negativity

“Let your love send off so much positive energy that it shifts the vibration in the room.” ~Unknown

We all know the energy we carry can be directly picked up on by others. And for the most part, we try our best to give positive energy to everyone we meet. We want the people we encounter to leave us feeling better than when they came to us. We want them to feel happy, light, and loved. When they do, we feel just as happy. But what happens when we meet people who are constantly pessimistic or simply going through a rough time? They may be sad, frustrated, or angry, and, unintentionally, their negative energy may get passed onto us. We can leave these interactions feeling down and drained. I started to realize the importance of protecting my own energy several years ago. Because I cross paths with dozens of people a day, I often encounter every type of mood in just a few hours. And because I didn’t like feeling like a magnet—attracting whatever was around me and having it stuck on me all day—I started some practices to help stay centered and to protect myself.

Here are four of my go-to energy tips and mantras I hope can help you too.

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1. Start With the Best of Intentions

Start your day with a moment to yourself—in bed before you get up, over a cup of coffee, in the shower, or on your commute to work. Take this time to set your intention for how you want your day to go. Visualize each part of your schedule and picture a positive, successful day that is filled with ease and pleasure. The days I make the time to do this always flow more easily.

Mantra: “My day brings me abundant happiness.”

2. Feel Like You Are

One way to ward off negative vibes is to feel as though you are physically and psychically protected, and that any negativity approaching you bounces right off. An energy healer once told me to accomplish this feeling, I needed to visualize myself in a clear bubble giving off a bright, white light. She told me to imagine that this bubble is always around me and deflecting other people’s bad vibes. I know the bubble thing may be too much for some, but imagining you have a protective force field surrounding you can be a powerful feeling.

Mantra: “I am protected in all ways.”

3. Be the Energy You Wish to Attract

Always be aware of the energy you are giving off while also being aware of the energy around you and what you may be potentially receiving. So often, we don’t pay attention to what words are being said and how people are feeling. In turn, we become like sponges, absorbing a little of everything throughout our day and holding it in until it weighs us down. Once you start noticing, it will be hard to ignore a negative-filled space. Whenever possible, remove yourself from a situation that doesn’t serve your higher good. If you can’t remove yourself, see if there is something you can do to actively shift the energy in the room. Can you address the issue, or can you just work harder at sending positivity to shift the vibrations?

Mantra: “I bring joy to everyone I meet. I manifest positive encounters.”

4. End with the Best of Intentions

Just as you start your day in a positive place, you want to end it on the same note. When you return home, it’s important to rid yourself of any negative feelings you are carrying with you—especially before you go to sleep. You can shower and visualize all the excess emotions and offbeat encounters being washed off and drained away. Or you can simply light a candle or some sage and mentally release what you no longer want to carry.

Mantra: “I end my day in peace and harmony. I release what does not serve my highest good.”

We may not have control over how our days go and how the people around us act, but we do have control over how we let others’ energy affect us. Choose to be someone whose vibrations shoot off you like sunbeams, reaching out to every dark corner, illuminating anyone who needs it most.

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