Dreams Come True: How To Manifest A New Reality In 3 Simple Steps…

Dreams Come True: How To Manifest A New Reality In 3 Simple Steps


Late last year, there were some things I wanted to create in my life, and though I had been working on creating these things, they simply had not materialized yet. I wanted to bring new things into my life starting in 2017, and I needed all the help I could get with setting the stage for them.

But I wondered, “Is there something I am missing? Is there something I ought to be doing and haven’t done yet?” I wanted to figure it all out. I wanted to begin mastering the art of “making things happen” in my life—good and happy things.

So I did what we do these days. I went online and did a search. My search yielded one word that I had not encountered before, as far as creating (or re-creating) my life went. I discovered the wonderful art of “Manifesting.” Manifesting ideas and dreams into reality. Into tangible things. I was searching for specific actions I could take or practice in order to turn my dreams into reality. I read lots of articles and watched tutorials online. I read books from the library—or skimmed them, quickly searching for key words of advice and easy-to-apply techniques.

I was an explorer hunting for treasure, and I gathered as much information as I could. And then, I set about trying the recommendations of lots of people who had successfully manifested their dreams into beautiful realities. Here are three wonderful tips I learned, and I am trying them out as I write this. We shall see if it helps me make my dreams come true, but I can say that these tips have already brought a great deal of positive energy and support into my life.

I’ve taken actions that help me move toward my goals, that’s great success already!

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1) Get Very Clear on What You Want, and Name It

Whatever good things you desire, dream them! Imagine them! Write them down and say them out loud, read them daily and remind yourself of these goals and desires. Get as clear as possible on what you want and stay focused on your goals. Everything we want to achieve or experience begins with a thought or an idea. What do you want in your life? What do I want? If we can identify what we want, truly want, this is half the battle. We are already winners.

Take a moment to write down and describe what you want in your life. Perhaps you want a new job or a better employer or a steady income, or you want a new love relationship or a new home. Or maybe you simply want good health for you and those you love.

Name it. Claim it! Verbalize it. Reflect on it. Bring it forward in your mind and hold it in your awareness. Being conscious of what you want makes you more likely to notice when something you want arrives or begins to appear as more of a possibility. As you think of what you want, your mind will link this thought to other ideas and resources, connecting the dots for you. It will reveal new things that are already present in your life to help you get what you want.

2. Talk to People You Love and Trust

Sharing your dreams with others, especially with people who support you and love you unconditionally, is a powerful way to manifest your deepest dreams and goals. This is one way to make dreams into reality so quickly it will astonish you.

This is because the people around us are here to help and guide us, and they know more people who might be able to assist as well. If a friend or relative cannot help you get that new job or meet that new romantic partner, they might know someone who can help, and they can lead you to that person. The people in your life might also have ideas and knowledge and wisdom that can be of great help. They can see things in ways you might not have considered. They have perspectives and experiences that can enrich your process as you seek out what you want and work to create it.

These people might roll up their sleeves and even make your dreams come true for you. They will basically do most of the work for you, out of love and kindness. For example, perhaps you dream of visiting a new country or continent, or taking a vacation or learning a new skill. Someone you know might be able to host you in that new country or continent, or they might have a contact who can give you shelter and on-the-ground support.

They might be able to teach you a new skill or put you in touch with someone who can. Share your story and see what happens! Trust in your network, and do not be afraid to ask for help. Believe in the power of love. And be ready to offer your help, too, when needed by someone who desires to make their positive goals into reality.

3. Believe That Your Positive Goals Are Already Met

We don’t have much control over the future. What we want might not come to us, or it might come but in a form we never envisioned. Or they might take a long time to come. What we do in the meantime, as we wait, can make or break us, in the sense that we can either be happy or miserable as we wait for our dreams to come into being. Therefore, it’s important to live and act as if you are already where you want to be, because the present moment is what we have much more control over—more than any future moments or past moments.

Being happy in the present is something we can cultivate. If there is a goal that would make you really happy, imagine that you have met that goal already and are feeling the joy it has brought into your life. Enjoy that wonderful feeling and let it guide what you do. This positive feeling will help you choose activities and commitments that fit with the future you desire, that future of happily enjoying your dreams that have become reality.

By living as if you are already where you want to be, you are more likely to get to that place. You will connect with like-minded people, invest in paths and practices that align with your goals, and engage in what inspires more of your desired outcomes. You will act in ways consistent with your desired reality.

You will behave in a manner that supports your happiness and creates more of it.

Start the Manifesting!

Start today! Imagine what you want, name it, and claim it. Share your goals with others and ask for help. And above all, believe that you already have all the positive things you desire and that you already are all the beauty you wish to be.


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