Manifest + Moon = Moonifest…

Manifest + Moon = Moonifest

Welcome my fellow moon children, lightworkers, intuitives, empaths, witches, and all other magical beings. ✨ I’m here to share my story.

Enhancing our human experience

Humans were created for connection – we crave it. In our absence of real connection, we fill the void with digital profiles, digital comments, and digital likes. The way to have better connection with others is to first form a connection with ourselves. To remember what it’s like to find authentic joy, happiness, and confidence. Listening to our inner guidance to heal our broken thought patterns & grow into the people we are becoming. Once we tune into our bodies, our thoughts, our actions, our words, we notice a slight shift in the winds.

We become more aware.

The things we see, the people we interact with, the birds that flutter around the bushes in the parking lot. The way we overreacted, or under reacted, to a stressful situation. How we treat the barista at the coffee shop. These little occurrences bring us closer to our humanity. They bring us closer to recognizing the magic in the world, and the magic we can create for ourselves.

The more aligned we are with ourselves, with our spirit, the more abundance, and true human connection are drawn to us. Life becomes easier, free-flowing, and something worth waking up to.

Our guide in the night sky

The moon is a powerful energetic force of nature. Scientifically the moon is proven to affect the tides, and we are mostly made up of water. It’s no coincidence that exciting events take place on full moons when energy is at its highest. It’s a potent energy force orbiting our planet every day and has much more insight into the physical world and spiritual world than you might have ever realized.

The moon’s energy brings us holistic alignment.

Each phase of its 28-day cycle offers us a time for rest and action. Doing and feeling. Reflection and gratitude. Receiving and giving. It serves as a guide in the night sky and will always be there to remind us of our path inward. Where the true healing and growth happens. Silently observing and replenishing us in the darkness of the night. By connecting with the moon, you facilitate a deep connection with yourself and the world around you.

Women who run with the wolves

For hundreds of years, women have been revered for their intuition and ability to connect with the earth. Ancient tribes used to rely on women to know when to plant crops, hunt, or move locations. They believed women were one with the earth and used the moon as a guiding light in the sky. Full moon circles and the red tent practices were sacred.

Times have changed today and we’ve forgotten the magical power we have inside us to connect and work with the universe, rather than try to control our lives within it. The universe wants to work through each and every woman and spiritual being. All that’s needed is mindfulness to REMEMBER how.

The moon is waiting for you.

Moonifesting is for those who’ve felt a surge of energy by looking at the moon. For feeling the magic and believing there’s something more. For wanting a more human connection with others and with nature. For believing in the power of yourself and working with the universe to manifest a better life. To facilitate growth, healing, and abundance. To effortlessly attract your dreams and desires. To run with the wolves. To be a moon child.

Start Moonifesting

To Moonifest is simple. Look outside and search for the moon. Look deep into it and energetically tether yourself to it’s magic. On every New Moon, begin by setting an intention: a statement of commitment to keep you on track with a manifestation related to healing, growth, abundance, or fulfillment.

Once you’ve set an intention, reflect and connect with your intention during the unique energies of the 8 moon phases. It will guide you in decision making and offer techniques to bring you closer inward.


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