Making Pandemic Healthy Habits Permanent…

Making Pandemic Healthy Habits Permanent

As we all start to get vaccinated and become more comfortable with being closer to one another, many Americans are looking forward to one thing: getting back to the gym. Although many gyms have been open for a few months now at limited capacity, many Americans stayed at home, waiting for a vaccine to go to the gym more safely.

It’s great that we can get back into fitness classes and weight rooms, but we should still be proud of the ways that we managed to stay active through the pandemic. Through at-home fitness classes and laps around the block, it’s inspiring to look back at how we tried to keep healthy over the course of the pandemic. Acknowledging some of the ways that we all managed to stay fit while being socially distanced might help us recognize some healthy habits we want to keep moving forward.

Here are some healthy habits we picked up during the COVID-19 pandemic that we hope will last for years to come.

Using Technology to Keep Active

Over the course of the pandemic, our relationship with technology in every aspect of life changed. The same was true for technology and exercise. Many individuals found their smartwatches and fitness trackers to be like little coaches on their wrists. In fact, according to a new study on fitness tracker habits and attitudes, around 70% of fitness tracker users say that their physical activity has increased since wearing a fitness device. With YouTube workout videos and marathon-training apps, there is so much great digital content we hope we will use to crush fitness goals in the future.

Walking and Cycling More

Restlessness inside has led to surges in walking and cycling as a safe way to get fresh air and move around a little. In fact, new reports show that bike traffic over the course of the pandemic increased dramatically. Getting out and moving is such a great way to stay healthy and we hope that individuals keep it up even as our schedules get a little busier.

Getting Flexible with Fitness

Without access to gym equipment, many Americans had to get creative in their workouts over the course of the pandemic. Sand-filled milk gallons became dumbbells and living rooms turned into yoga studios. Even if conditions weren’t perfect, the necessity of working out at home at least helped so many Americans see that it’s possible to get active wherever and however you might be able to.

Consider these tips as you stay healthy in the final months of the pandemic and beyond!


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