Magical Eraser For Relationship Problems…

Magical Eraser For Relationship Problems

A relationship is an association between two or more people. Human beings look for happiness in the worldly life and everything we do is with the intent to be happy. We find happiness in relationships because it gives a sense of belongingness and security. Right from our childhood, we are related to our family members and relatives, which then extend to include our friends, society, marriage, office and so on.

While we grow with age, we strive to figure out how to make an ideal relationship. Despite all the efforts we put in to make our relationships blossom, we can get locked up in strained relationships and find it hard to find a solution to help them heal.

Problems in Relationships:

Every person has different beliefs, thinking patterns, opinions and viewpoints. Therefore, it is natural that no two people think alike. These differences create conflicts in our relationships. If the differences are not resolved, the distance between us starts to increase, which gradually develops into a dislike for each other. The dislike then creates negative thoughts and speech. These negative vibrations affect each other resulting in a strained relationship, which may eventually lead to enmity. In addition, the effects of the harsh words we have spoken out of hurt create vibrations that last for a long time.

The Solution: “The Magical Eraser”

The solution to healing the relationships is to stop hurting the other person. And when the result of the hurt already caused to the other person comes, we should not react, rather we should accept it without any reaction or blame in future. One should accept the mistake, repent heartily, ask for forgiveness and vow not to repeat the mistake again. The other person will feel the vibrations of repentance from your spiritual apology and the conflict will naturally be resolved.

The magical eraser, which destroys all the faults, is a three step process as follows.

1. Alochana: Heart-felt inner confession of one’s mistakes.

2. Pratikraman: Process of apology coupled with remorse for any wrong doing.

3. Pratyakhyan: Sincere pledge to never repeat the mistakes.

“If you do pratikraman of a tiger, then even the tiger will do as you ask it to. There is no difference between a tiger and a human being. The difference is in your vibrations! That is why he gets affected.” – Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

Scientific working mechanism of the ‘Magical Eraser’

Scientifically, everything that happens in this life is a discharge of the intents caused in the past life. In the past life, we might have had the intent to straighten out the other person with anger. In this life, when a person is not straight, i.e., if he does not act as per our will, we automatically get angry to straighten him out. When we get angry we end up hurting others even if we do not wish to do so and we inevitably hurt ourselves.

What we can now do is to repent for our present actions and strongly resolve never to repeat them again. This resolve fractures the intent we bound in out past life that we should get angry to straighten someone out. We might make the same mistakes again and again, but it will be with reduced magnitude due to the fractured wrong intent. Because of this process, our faults will get destroyed one by one and our karmas get shed. Moreover, the weight of our words that has reached the other person will reduce and the hurt that we caused to him will wash away.

By asking for forgiveness, you will also notice that you will experience more peace than you did before. This invaluable tool is so convenient; it can be used anywhere and at anytime!


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