What The Ancient Story Of Eros And Psyche Can Teach You About Soul Mates/Twin Flames…

What The Ancient Story Of Eros And Psyche Can Teach You About Soul Mates/Twin Flames

Eros and Psyche are two parts of the same coin that can teach us a lot about love and life.

Lucius Apuleius, a student of Plato’s philosophy wrote Eros and Psyche almost 2,000 years ago. Lucius Apuleius brilliantly conveyed the awakening of the soul, to achieve union with the Divine by the support of a spiritual love. Eros and Psyche have been depicted in art, both in painting and sculpture, by the likes of William Bouguereau, Auguste Rodin, and Antonio Canova to name a few.

Eros and Psyche represent a love that is beyond this world, an exalted bond of love; a love that requires an understanding of the immortal soul. Eros and Psyche are the exalted ethereal connection; the ultimate soul mates known today as twin souls/twin flames!

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Eros and psyche meet in heaven

On a fluffy cloud, young Eros, the true spiritual connection that binds soul mates together, gives Psyche, who represents our soul, a kiss. The soul’s home is in heaven. We first meet our spiritual mates in our eternal residence. At the deepest level, our identity is imprinted on each other forever.

Eros and psyche connect on earth

A divinely cool, gentle breeze comes over the mountains and wraps Psyche together with Eros. When you take a look at this painting, you know immediately that Psyche is totally fulfilled. She has been abducted by Eros, the ultimate spiritual connection. This abduction is not a negative, but a positive reaffirming of Eros’s love for Psyche. They are a purely spiritual couple both wrapped in deep purple, symbolizing royalty. After their long, arduous time apart from one another, the twin souls are now reunited on earth. Clearly, they have never lost their heavenly bliss.

What the Goddess of love can show you

Eros’s mother Aphrodite, the goddess of love plays a big part in the story of Eros and Psyche. Gods and goddesses of the ocean are welcoming Aphrodite onto the earth. Poseidon’s tritons are blowing charismatic music into the air, creating a sound the world will know as love. Aphrodite is unashamed of her body. She exudes sensuality, and is welcomed by angels who want to show her and the world that true love is within our reach.

However, we need to know the difference between heavenly love and common love.

Heavenly or common love

Real soul love can be found if we implement tried and true techniques from Eros and Psyche.

“As we all know, love and Aphrodite are inseparable. The duality of Aphrodite is undeniable: One Aphrodite, the one we call celestial is older. The other, the younger one is called common.” –Plato

Common love is our everyday traditional relationships. Celestial love would be our modern-day equivalent of a soul mate/twin flame because the soul transcends the here and now. Plato knew birth was not a creation of an immortal soul, but a transmigration of a soul from one body to another. Therefore, we cannot make someone a soul mate/twin flame, either we’re connected or we’re not. As the western world fluttered into the dark ages, the story of Eros and Psyche went into obscurity. The renaissance lifted the veil, and the wisdom of Plato. Plato’s students and their intelligence came into the light; as a result, five hundred years later, we can put their knowledge into practice.

Eros and Psyche first meet in heaven, but they learn their connection requires a love of self before they are to be reunited on Earth. They must travel into the depths of their ego, and then transform to be worthy of each other. Eros means an exalted bond of love and Psyche, the soul. To have a connection with someone at the soul level is an exalted bond. The Goddess Aphrodite is a symbol of love and requires her son Eros and her future daughter-in-law, Psyche to be worthy of this exalted love. Aphrodite sends Psyche into the underworld to achieve that worthiness.

In other words, you have to travel into your unconscious mind and come back into the light of day, with an ego and soul full of worthiness. When Eros and Psyche conquer the difficult task of bringing their ego and soul into the brightness of worthiness; together they can ascend towards the Divine.

Eros and Psyche would like you to aspire to their story:

  • What kind of inner work are you devoting yourself to for a deeper love? If you are on a spiritual path or would like to be, and would love to experience a soul mate/twin flame, it’s paramount you know the difference between the ego and soul.
  • Do you know the difference between your ego and soul? We expect our lovers to love us like our caregivers loved us. Instead of getting angry, resentful, or sad that our partners didn’t respond as we would have liked, we can understand our attachment styles that hinder us from connecting with our lovers.
  • Do you know if you have an anxious, avoidant, or secure attachment style?
  • Do you know how to tell the difference between common vs. celestial love?
  • Are you worthy of an exalted bond of love?
  • Is your third eye open? The only way to recognize your soul and someone else’s soul is through the sixth sense
  • Are you aware that ultimately the quest to connect with an exalted bond of love is to achieve union with the Divine?


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