5 Reasons Why The Vampire Archetype Fits Twin Flames…

5 Reasons Why The Vampire Archetype Fits Twin Flames

Long before I met my twin I would often wonder what would become of me if I were to ever become a vampire. What would my gifts be? Would I eat people or animals? How beautiful would I become?

Of course the concept of vampirism runs a gamut from people who actually participate in vampire-like rituals to energetic vampires, but I feel like meeting my twin was something akin to being bitten by a vampire.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I believe the vampire archetype fits the twin flame dynamic.

1.) It’s painful. Meeting my twin was one of the most beautiful and painful experiences I have ever had. If we replace the word “bite” with “love” we are met with something new entirely. That metaphorical bite transformed me from the inside. Looking at vampirism from an archetypal standpoint, the bites could serve as ego deaths. The ego in this case could represent all the things we identify as and who we know ourselves to be in this world. In the story of vampirism, when bitten there is a threat to the physical body just as there is a threat to the ego in love after the “bite” from our twin.  Suddenly it becomes this idea that love or the metaphorical bite transforms, and that, that single bite or experience of true divine love has the power to change a person into someone else entirely.

2.) We feel enchanted. The soul connection felt with our twin is like nothing we can ever truly describe. In my case, I can energetically feel my twin with me, smelling him when he is nowhere around me, and don’t get me started on the sex. The connection we feel with our twin is unlike anything we have ever experienced in life or in love. I believe it has to be so undeniable because of all the lessons we need to learn within. Suddenly, we are forced to become brave enough to be able to withstand the idea of being killed in order to be reborn into something new. The inexplicable draw we feel towards our counterpart is what forces us to surrender our ego more and more.

3.) It creates inner union and wholeness. The archetype of the vampire is often troubled while the ever innocent and loving woman (hello True Blood) longs to “save” the vampire from whatever demons he is wrestling, but often her efforts in “helping” are usually futile thus forcing her to start protecting and standing up for herself. Though we might feel inclined to “help” our twin see the light of day, our true twin will help us heal any codependent tendencies by unconsciously creating scenarios that force a separation and we therefore must learn how to save ourselves. Due to the intense connection we feel with our twin we find that we have to learn how to start taking care of and giving to ourselves all of the love and closeness we are craving from our twin. Hopefully, we learn how to source this feeling of connection with god/source within and we become filled with inner wholeness and unity instead of externalizing the experience onto our counterpart. Much like the change from human to vampire where the person becomes more of who they were meant to be all along, we too get to become fuller versions of ourselves or who we were truly meant to become in this life. Of course, the how in the way this plays out for each set of twins can be different.

4.) We are forced to surrender. Much like the woman who must surrender once the vampire bites her, we too are forced to surrender to the way in which the transformation takes place. What’s more, divine feminines are more likely to fall head over heels in love with their masculine who often chooses to stay in their marriage or for whatever reasons does not awaken to the connection. We then have to surrender to our desires, the energetic dance that we feel with our counterpart and the how or if we will be with our twin again someday.

5.) We learn that we are actually quite strong and beautiful. Just like in the vampire stories, the one who changes feels empowered and strong. The old version of them dies and they are somehow born into a new reality. It’s almost like our souls awaken and we shine from the inside. Our beauty doesn’t necessarily reflect because of outside qualities, but rather because of our souls shining outward through our eyes. It’s almost like the light in our souls seeps out through every crevice. We find our soul gifts and we start offering them to the world. It is quite possibly one of the most transformational experiences we will ever succumb to.It is my belief that twin flames bite (a.k.a. love) to transform and we are never the same.

Being in a Twin Flame dynamic is ultimate ego death. It feels as if there no choice to participate in this dance on the level of ego, but the world is much more beautiful and brighter for us because of the experience. Once bitten by our twin, we are forever changed.

That is how the story of the vampire and the twin flames go. When we are able to withstand the intensity of the metaphorical bite, we then get to wake up with heightened senses and a new lease on life.I have often had people tell me they wish they could meet their twin flame. Next time I might ask them what their stance is in terms of vampires as this journey and transformation is not for the faint of heart.


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