Everyone Overlooks This HUGE Sign Of A True Twin Flame Connection…

Everyone Overlooks This HUGE Sign Of A True Twin Flame Connection

There are many signs of a twin flame connection, but most people completely overlook this one...

Having been interacting in different Twin Flame forums, reading their comments and experience, as well as working with many twin flame students and clients, I started to notice some patterns emerging:

  1. ✨ Those who I believe are with their true twin flame connection don’t just feel love for them, they feel an awakening of their entire being.
  2. ✨ There are different types of awakening depending on what you have chosen to experience in this lifetime.

So, let’s elaborate on these two points a little more.

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🔥🔥🔥 true twin flame connection

So many people meet someone who is cute, triggers their heart or runs from intimacy and they immediately label them ‘twin flame’. What’s worse is that I see many people who are stuck in karmic relationships or connections full of abuse, disrespect, and imbalance between giving and receiving and they call it a twin flame connection.

Let me tell you with utmost respect for your experience, this is as far from a twin flame connection as it gets. Why? Because, a true twin flame connection comes with a giant spiritual awakening – your Soul’s call for freedom. This to me, is the biggest sign of a true twin flame connection that is pushing you to go beyond the veils of earthly illusions, breaking down old structures in your life, shuttering old belief systems and dissolving egotistic perceptions.

This is the big bang when two mirrors meet and your life is changed forever. Not overnight but in a gradual breakdown of your old life that eventually leads to rebuilding your new life from your most authentic core. But before you can get there, you have to shed a hell of a lot of layers, heal past trauma, ancestral lineage, relationship to mother and father as well as any other mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks that stand in the way of your authentic expression.

💥💥💥 types of awakening

Have you ever considered the impact of self-development in a twin flame arrangement?

Those on the spiritual awakening path are not all made equal.

  1. 💫 Awakening of the mind: Some people simply awaken their mental body and realize that there is more to human consciousness that they previously were made to believe. This group of people may pursue a purpose related to helping others expand their consciousness, rewire limiting beliefs or upgrade their subconscious models of reality. (examples: Dr. Bruce Lipton, neuroscientist Dr. Jeff Fanning and others).
  2. 💫 Awakening of the physical body: This group of people leads in the field of understanding the potential of the physical body. These are your Yogis, bio-hackers, nutritionists, personal trainers and gym instructors who became passionate about leading others to live healthier, look after their bodies, exercise and nurture their sacred temple from the inside out with the best nutrition. (examples: thousands of Yogis and even models of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds who promote diversity, beauty in everyone and going beyond old stereotypes of beauty).
  3. 💫 Awakening of the soul: This group of people is typically those who came from the opposite upbringing where there may have been a total lack of spirituality or connection to God, the Source or the Universe. When they discovered spirituality, they have reconnected to humanity and felt the desire to teach others how to connect to their own soul. Many found a true belonging in the teachings of the Universe, God, Source and Spiritual Self-awareness. (examples: Marianne Williamson, Gaby Bernstein, and many other lightworkers, energy teachers and healers).
  4. 💫 Awakening of the emotional body – opening of the heart: This group of people has likely been through some pretty dramatic trauma in their childhood or other life experiences which may have resulted in them closing their hearts from love or life. Living in fear, with anxiety, depression or PTSD in constant fear or pain, being hurt or abused has prevented them from living with an open heart. They are guided to transcend this and will likely meet people, romantic encounters or teachers who will help them heal their past trauma, reconnect to their heart and open up to love. (examples: most of us walking this earth, yet we all have a free will, so not everyone will choose to answer this call and live with an open heart).
  5. 💫 Total awakening – enlightenment of your whole self: This group tends to consist of the teachers, holistic healers, twin flame teachers and coaches who have been through the entire spectrum of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical death of the old self, and the rebirth of the master who operates from the energies of deep peace within, unconditional love for all, co-creating with the Divine and surrender to their purpose. This path is not for the faint of hearts, it’s brutal, painful, full of letting go, detachment and rebirth where you no longer live for yourself but you live for others. This is the highest level of the service to the Divine, where ego and personal gains have no place or meaning. This is the path of the Ascended Masters who were the master alchemists, understanding that there is no greater joy than serving others and helping to bring the Divine plan into the physical realm. This is what it means to die on the cross for the God, which represents the symbolism of giving up your ego and all attachments to something far greater – the unconditional love of the Source, the Universe or God.

I hope this was useful to bring some clarity to what you may be experiencing and where you are ascending in your life.

So, which path do you feel you are on right now?


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