Staying The Path On The Twin Flame Journey…

Staying The Path On The Twin Flame Journey

I have been blessed to meet the person that I think of as my twin flame, the person who has been helping me break down my old 3D programming about love and what it is. He has shown me glimpses of perfect love. Of course, I would love nothing more than to see him every day. I would love to be with him, even if it’s not within the bounds of a romantic relationship. Even to be his friend and be in his presence regularly, or have real conversations with him just like I used to, would be wonderful. It hasn’t been happening, and while this made no sense and evoked bitterness within me for a long time, I am understanding that it is perfect to help me work on my inner wounding. It has taught me that love is not attention and that I must be my own greatest source of love. Even more, it has taught me the importance of recognizing my power as the creator of my reality. Had I jumped right into physical twin flame union, I may not have recognized these things fully. I may have looked to him to be my source of love and validation, and his Higher Self understood that providing that validation would have been detrimental to my soul and the lessons it came here to learn.

It is easy to become distracted from this knowing and try to create my old vision of love. At times, I have grown discouraged when it seemed the right man had finally crossed my path, and he only did the same thing that my twin has and abandoned me completely. I have also abandoned myself. I have given up on my twin flame book multiple times and tried to stop writing articles about this dynamic, but I always find myself drawn back to it. Just when I feel like there is no more left to explore, something comes up. Writing is the best way for me to process it. It is difficult to share, but I believe it is a part of my soul’s mission to provide insights to others having a similar experience. When I read something by someone else within a twin flame dynamic and what they say resonates with me, the feeling is amazing. Reading this material makes me feel seen, heard, and loved, even if I never exchange words with the author. I want to be able to do that for others, to give words to the things that many are afraid to or unable to express just as others have done for me. That feels really good to me, which is my confirmation that I am on the right path.

No matter how many times I have abandoned myself, I have always come back. I have always come back to the hope of reunion with my twin, no matter how detached from him I become, no matter what he does or does not do. While I know it is possible for someone else to come along, I usually do not yearn for that aside from the occasions where I miss physical touch. I have received intuitive readings, and some of the people predicted that I would move on from my twin and be in another relationship. At the time, I tried to play along and seem grateful or excited for that, but I always had a heavy, sad feeling afterward.

I finally admitted the truth to myself: I don’t want to be with anyone else. I am learning not to feel bad about that, not to feel like I am missing out or somehow blocking myself from love. I have been through a lot this year, and right now, what feels most self-loving is to not push myself to move on from my twin or feel like I “should” feel excited by the idea of being with another. Because I am so empathic and sensitive, I know it would take an extremely special person and connection for me to feel comfortable within a romantic relationship, especially one where I live with someone else. Most of the time, I am quite content on my own, being in my own energy, healing myself without picking up vibrations from someone else in or around my space. Perhaps a relationship for me would look very different from “normal,” as I prefer to live on my own. As we have seen, it takes some time for people to adjust to and feel okay with when something is “different” like this, to not take it personally or feel unloved.

Many people in this experience wish for it to be validated somehow by the object of their affection. When it is not, they crave that outside validation and become distracted from their path. I have fallen into this trap many times – I am sure there will be many more. What is important is that I always come back to what feels best in my heart, and because it is heart-based, there is never any forcing it or coming back to it out of fear. So far, what has resonated most at a heart level has always been twin flame teachings and on rare occasions, my twin flame himself has shown up to provide loving confirmation. I know I can find him within me when he is not there externally. If there is someone else that I am meant to experience physical union with, I know I will arrive at the feeling state that is needed for this, but in my own time. It is not something that can be forced.

Staying the path that your Higher Self has planned out for you can be hard, to say the least. We fall into the trap of comparing our manifestations to others and feel less enlightened or less healed than other people, because what they create seems better. We get distracted by the images of love and romance projected by the media and in mass thought forms. We feel like we must create solely by action and that staying in and meditating is a waste of time. But this is not true.

If you don’t feel able to move on from your twin, trust that there is a divine reason without the need to attach to that reason to figure it out or to attach to your twin more than is healthy. Be gentle with your heart and stay the path that feels right to you.


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Holley Hyler


Holley Hyler is an energy intuitive and has been published in Adelaide, Anti-Heroin Chic, Rebelle Society, and The Urban Howl,…

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