Staying The Path On The Twin Flame Journey…

Staying The Path On The Twin Flame Journey

I have been blessed to meet my twin flame, the person who has helped me break through my limited thinking on love. He has shown me glimpses of perfect love. I think about Anna and Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey – when circumstances forced them apart and her heart was broken, Anna said, “[Because of him] I know what real love is, and not many people can say that. I’m one of the lucky ones.” This is how I have felt after understanding the love between my twin and myself.

While not being with my twin evoked longing and sadness within me for a long time, I understand that it was perfect. It taught me that love is not attention and that I must be my own greatest source of love. Even more, it taught me the importance of recognizing my power as the creator of my reality.

Despite learning these lessons, it still can be easy or tempting to become distracted from this knowing and try to create my old vision of love. Staying the path on the twin flame journey isn’t as much about the twin as it is about staying true to one’s own values. Fortunately, staying in alignment with oneself often means alignment with the twin. I have come to understand that alignment with the self must come first.

When I was not in alignment, I allowed other men into my life – they all reminded me of my twin flame. Some were musicians; some were hard-working and passionate about their jobs; some were deeply spiritual. They were more accessible to me than my twin was at the time, and I was lonely. However, these relationships were short-lived and ended with me regretting that I opened my heart to them. Some of these connections were toxic or even abusive. I have always gravitated back to my twin in the end, because he has never been abusive.

Through these experiences, I realized I am not in love with him because he is a musician, deeply spiritual, and passionate about his work. I am drawn to him because I love his heart. His heart is uniquely his. It is one quality that no other man can ever possess.

I have given up on writing articles about this dynamic, but I always come back to it. When I feel like there is no more left to explore, a new perspective or deeper understanding integrates within my consciousness. Writing is the best way for me to process these ideas. It is difficult to share as I become an increasingly private person, but I believe I can help others in this experience by putting my own feelings and insights out there. When I read something by someone else on a similar wavelength and what they say resonates with me, the feeling is amazing.

Reading this material makes me feel seen, heard, and loved, even if I never exchange words with the author. I want to be able to do that for others, to give words to the things that many are afraid to or unable to express just as others have done for me.

Many people experiencing a twin flame connection wish for it to be validated somehow, especially by their twin. When it is not, that craving for validation causes them to become distracted from this journey and what it is teaching them. No matter how many times this has happened for me, what is important is that I always come back to what feels best in my heart.

Staying the path by being true to yourself – and thereby your twin flame – can be challenging. We get distracted by the images of love and romance projected by the media or Hallmark holidays. We feel like we must always create by action, and that lying low, doing something enjoyable like reading a book or taking a nap, is a waste of time or not relevant to our journey. Pleasure is a very important part of this, and it is spiritual to regularly engage with the things and people you love.

If you don’t feel able to move on from your twin, trust that there is a divine reason without attachment to figuring out that reason.

Be gentle with your heart, and stay the path that feels right to you.


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