How To Spiritually Elevate Your Life To Attract BIG Love…

How To Spiritually Elevate Your Life To Attract BIG Love

Currently, many of us are living without all the superficial distractions that have kept us tied down with labels such as “too busy” or “too tired”. Things have slowed way down and for many of us, it’s highlighting a component about life that’s missing.


It goes without saying everyone requires love & deep intimate connections. But love can seem unattainable especially after experiencing a break-up or divorce. As a divorced woman of over 10+ years, I can attest to the trauma divorce creates. But there’s good news. I can also attest to the big love that is out there for every single person. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it and there’s more than enough to go around. If you believe you’re worthy you can have big love. It’s waiting for you, and believe it or not, it’s always with you. I am going to share how to spiritually elevate your life to attract BIG love. All are equally important and all of them will create results quickly.

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Everyone always talks about forgiveness. But what does this look like when you apply it to your life in reality? First of all, it’s nothing like the Hallmark channel portrays. It’s messy and you won’t have all the answers. It’s okay.

Forgiveness looks and feels like surrendering to what is and not trying to change it in the present. Forgiveness always has to do with a past event, to really truly move on from a situation you have to surrender to it. This means to accept the situation as is, without massaging it, without creating definitions for it or lying to yourself or others about it. That situation doesn’t define you, so it’s okay to accept as is and make it a paragraph in your story, not your entire story.


Intuition is the greatest and most powerful tool we all have access to. Women’s intuition is doubly powerful because of our femininity. When we welcome it and sit in our natural female energy, our intuition can expand and enlighten us in the most powerful ways. Society has taught us that masculine energy is what you need to survive. So long we’ve been taught that competitiveness, aggressiveness, and force gets you the results. But is that really the case?

If I had to paint a metaphor to describe the power of intuition it would go like this. Intuition is like the neck. You can do a lot with your head but if you can’t turn your neck you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff that would make things easier for you. When you allow yourself to respond from your intuition versus your thoughts it connects you to your true self or internal GPS.

Intuition is your direct link to Source, God, angels, your higher self, universe whatever you want to call it. When you’re trying to control things you turn off this direct link & the most powerful stream of knowledge to you. As a result, you turn off love.

Intuition is never mean, boastful or hurtful. It’s subtle, full of love, and quiet like a whisper.


Mindful dating and having mindful relationships isn’t hard when you make self-awareness and self love a habit. The best way I believe to do this is through visualization. Visualizing yourself being loved and giving love can provide an instant shift in perspective, mood, and attraction of love. Each of these makes a valuable practice that helps you get into the habit of thinking, being and doing from your love essence.


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