Soul Mates, Twin Flames And The Power Of Synchronicity…

Soul Mates, Twin Flames And The Power Of Synchronicity

Believe it or not, it was Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology, who introduced us to the term ‘synchronicity’. Carl Jung was inspired by Taoism’s I Ching. He saw meaningful connections between his thoughts and the world around him. He goes on to say, “If they are meaningful, how does the connection between the psychic and the physical sequence of events come about? Time and again, I encountered amazing coincidences which seemed to suggest the idea of an acausal [not arising from a cause] parallelism (a Synchronicity, as I later called it).”

Synchronicity is when two or more clusters of events are linked; the circumstances are unlikely to occur together by chance. Synchronicity is a bridge between the known and the unknown, between the conscious and unconscious, between the outer world and the inner world.

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Synchronicity and Soul Mates/Twin Flames

While synchronicity plays an important role in relation to Soul Mates and Twin Flames, it is not the most important. The most important role is the recognition of the souls involved. The power of soul recognition is very important. An authentic connection is a process of awakening. Synchronicity puts forth the clues to discover that you and the other person are connected. However, without the recognition, you might have clues, but the connection cannot be confirmed.

Synchronicity is personal to the parties involved — there can’t be a general formula for the pieces to fall together. The clues are linked between your inner world, the other person’s inner world, and the Divine.

Synchronicity, a meaningful coincidence

The word synchronicity is Greek in origin, “syn”-means together and “chronos”- time; together in time. Coincidence is taken from the French and Medieval Latin: an exact correspondence in nature or to fall upon together. “CO” means joint, and incidence meaning occurrence, the elements of the occurrence have an interrelationship.

Synchronicity is the soul’s way to say to our ego, pay attention the occurrences are linked to a deeper meaning, bringing insight. Or it could be the ego’s unconscious, saying to our conscious ego; the clues could bring growth for our ego. The meaning of these occurrences could be instant or can take time to understand, but nonetheless, they happen for a reason.

Synchronicity and the karmic relationship

Synchronicity can also happen with a connection on the karmic level, meaning the people involved have karmic ties. However, if they are conscious of the karma, they can use the experience for personal growth and undo their karma. Knowing how to recognize Karmic, Soul Mate, and or Twin Flame connections is a must.

To recognize soul mates and the twin flame requires us to know the difference between the ego and the soul. Soul Mates and Twin Flames are connected by the soul, not the ego.


Islam’s great esoteric wisdom, Sufism is eloquently represented by the great Rumi. Rumi states, “The ego is a veil between humans and God.”

The soul is the shadow of the ego, meaning the soul is not directly identified with. The ego conceals the soul, but when we lift the veil and make contact with the soul, we are in direct contact with the Divine.

Here are 3 insights the process of Synchronicity can give you in relation to soul mates or the twin flame:

  1. Synchronicity is the process of awakening toward the realization that you and the other person are connected by the ineffable force of the soul.
  2. Synchronicity is a connection between what is known to the unknown. It’s a road map of how to connect the dots from your inner world, manifested in the outer world. The signs are personal to the parties involved.
  3. Synchronicity is important but more important is the recognition of the other person’s soul; which is not to be mistaken for the likes or dislikes of the ego.


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