5 Reasons You’re Not Manifesting Your Soulmate…

5 Reasons You’re Not Manifesting Your Soulmate

You’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and practiced your affirmations religiously and you still haven’t manifested your soulmate! Has something gone wrong with your manifesting?

“What am I missing?” is one of the most common questions I get about manifesting and I totally understand why. I know how frustrating this can be because I’ve been there. People spend so much energy and money on learning about manifestation and can’t figure out the missing piece. Since the movie The Secret, manifesting has become a very popular concept in the world of personal development and spirituality, leaving many people wondering why their “positive thinking” isn’t granting them the wishes they posted on their vision board. The truth is that whether consciously or unconsciously, we are manifesting every day, but there is more to it than positive thinking or needing to be so perfect that your “vibe is high.”

When it comes to manifesting “the one”, there’s more to it than most people realize. Here are some insightful reasons as to why you’re not manifesting your soulmate:

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1) You think you have to be perfect

So many clients I coach think they have to work on themselves until they are perfect. They believe only then will they manifest their soulmate. This belief has spread rampantly in the personal development world. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be authentic, and decide where you might need to strengthen some of your own qualities in order to attract the one who will match those qualities. For example: if you’re currently a people pleaser that comes from fear-based energy, there’s an opportunity for you to fine-tune that energy so that you don’t attract a partner who resonates in that space. Remember like attracts like.

2) You don’t feel worthy

Worthiness is our Divine Birthright. But in our younger, formative years we pick up stories and beliefs that embedded in our subconscious mind. Beliefs like “I’m not good enough” and “I’m not worthy of…”. If you’re looking to manifest a partner who has amazing qualities but you don’t believe you are worthy of this amazing person, then you are resonating mixed signals out into the quantum field. A person high in self-worth is magnetic and believes innately that they are worthy of the best!

3) You’re doing all the mindset work but not the bodywork

This is the most commonly overlooked areas when people are trying to manifest. You’re doing all the reflecting, journaling, and inner work but you forget that the body IS the subconscious mind. As it is often said in the yoga world, “our issues are in the tissues.” Our emotions, beliefs, and stories become stored in our cells, so in order to shift any blocks you may have in your manifesting, doing the bodywork is key! This is why I offer my clients my Yin & Release protocol.

4) You’re attached to the outcome

There’s a lesson in A Course in Miracles that states: those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait. Attachment is the biggest energy block there is. Think of attachment as gripping, closed off energy. What can possibly make its way in if you’re closed off? Once you have set your clear intention, let the Universe handle the details and pay attention to the signs for when to take inspired action. Non-attachment doesn’t mean things will just fall in your lap, although sometimes they do.

5) You’re not in alignment with your intention

You want to manifest your ideal partner. You also want to maintain your freedom and independence, so the thought of considering someone else when making decisions makes you cringe. Can you see how you’re out of alignment? It’s no wonder you’re attracting non-committal partners! Get really real with yourself here. Do you really want to call in the partner or are you just inspired by a notion of romance?

I have seen people manifest their ideal partners, jobs, and even healings! When done right, manifesting can truly be magical, but first, you must be willing to go within.


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