Love Through Incarnations…

Love Through Incarnations

Yes, you can be in love with the same person or Soul throughout many different lifetimes. But it is important to understand the complete science behind it.

You could meet the same person, may or may not be in the same relationship though, provided both continue to have an intense love for each other. However, if love is only one-sided, then one may meet a different person with similar characteristics in the next birth.

There is a classic example of a loving relationship that existed between Tirthankar Bhagwan Neminath (the Fully Enlightened being) and his wife Rajul, which continued over nine births. Both remained happily and sincerely married to each other in each of their nine previous births; and thereafter, in the tenth birth, both pursued the path of liberation and released themselves from the continuous cycle of reincarnation.

This example gives us a beautiful insight of what our real goal of existence is.

No matter how deeply we may love each other, the ultimate path that we all will finally tread upon is the path of liberation – this is the most wonderful and powerful truth that applies to everybody in the Universe.

Let us learn why and how does this happen?…


• Your feeling for whom you love does not change,

• You constantly remain loyal to the person you love throughout the different lifetimes, and

• The person concerned also echoes your love with similar sentiments,

only then there can arise a possibility to meet the same person through reincarnation.

What is the guarantee of what will happen next?

Life is ever-changing and happiness eludes at every corner. When our own mind is not in our control – one minute we want this and the next moment we want something entirely different, how can we control the other person’s feelings and sentiments?

Does it not make sense then to have a goal that will free us forever from the perpetual cycle of birth and death, and as a result bring everlasting peace and happiness not only for our self but for our loved one too, as this could bring about a significant difference in their life as well?

We can discover this everlasting happiness by attaining Self-realization.

To be Self-realized means to discover or know one’s true self. What is the true self? It is the pure Soul, which has always been within us; but has remained unknown to us throughout many different lifetimes.

After acquiring the knowledge of the pure Soul:

• One becomes aware of the true Self.

• One understands that the Self is separate from the body.

• We begin to tread on the path of liberation.

• We destroy our karmas through the light of knowledge.

As long as we continue to believe ‘I am the body and the mind’, we will continue to amass karmas and as a result, we will have to go through cycles of future births. But once one’s awareness of the Soul is awakened; new karmas cease to bind. And as we pursue the path of liberation, our old karmas too finish, and we get released from the continuous cycle of reincarnation.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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