How To Listen To The Inner Voice Of Love…

How To Listen To The Inner Voice Of Love

“Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends on how much he has polished it. Whoever has polished it more see more – more unseen forms become manifest to him”-Rumi

Every moment of the day we are making choices and decisions. Sometimes with struggle, confusion and doubt. When we are anchored in love and open our hearts, a wellspring of wisdom emerges. Intuition is a seeing with the senses of the soul. It brings insight and knowing beyond the limitation of the  mind. It brings forth what is true with great clarity. If only we listen! I know this to be true and regard it as the quiet power within.

Imagine embarking on a journey. You are equipped with  a GPS navigation system that is directing you to your final destination. Due to distractions or technical malfunctions, you become disconnected from your vital source of information. You lose your directions and get completely off course. At some point, you may be able to connect back to your information source and resume your journey or you may remain disconnected  and stuck at this transit point. The longer we are disconnected form our source, the more likely we are to ignore gnawing feelings and intuitive signs, become fearful, and lose hope.

The voice of love is always speaking. Do we really hear? It comes to us in many forms such as a gut feeling, quiet whisper, repeated messages, signs and synchronicities. As said by masters, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. So, why not connect to the essence of who we truly are and make our lives less complicated. We are love, and love is our natural state of being. When we anchor in the power of love, we become our authentic selves and experience the freedom to express ourselves in the world.

Mired in fear, we resort to external solutions that leave us distraught with much uncertainty on our life’s journey. Listening to the voice of love takes practice, and really tuning in what you see, hear, feel, and then act upon what you know to be true. It is the carte blanche to true freedom and always there for us to access. Hear the voice of love and invite intuition into your life through down time, soulful engagement, authentic writing, creative inspiration and unwavering trust.

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Give yourself down time

Grant yourself permission to take time out for yourself. You can be here now wherever you are if you allow it to be so. You can visit also visit favorite places or  create sacred places that take you inward where you can be quiet, still and listen to the guidance within. I have created special sitting areas to connect with nature, and frequently visit my favorite place at a nearby lake to watch the peaceful ripples of the water that soon reflect my inner self. It brings peace to my soul. So, find opportunities to reset, renew and reclaim your power.

Soulful engagement

This is regarded as the empowering sole moments and soulful connection with yourself as you engage in an activity that you enjoy. As you become fully immersed in this activity, distractions soon disappear that takes you to your natural state of peace and joy. Whether it is walking, meditating, jogging, or just sitting, you find it to be soothing and calming. Literally lost in time, you are present with yourself with no preoccupation with the past and obsession about the future. Moving into stillness and finding peace calms the soul. Whether it is yoga, meditation and walking in nature, I find all kinds of activities that connect me to my higher self. In the autumn season of the year, I really enjoy raking the colorful oak leaves and through this physical activity my heart speaks. From a peaceful heart divine love and inspiration flows.

Authentic writing

To experience that authentic connections and be lovingly honest with yourself, writing can stimulate the flow of consciousness and bring forth new ideas, healing, insight, and inspiration. Authentic writing provides an opportunity to unload, release unwanted emotions, engage in self-inquiry to reflect on recurring thoughts, and celebrate progress. My collection of journals holds valuable information.  I am amazed at what came through during certain phases of my life. I realize that my flow of writing revealed answers and information that was exactly what I needed during that time in my life. Authentic writing  opens the door to consciousness. It reveals messages that will guide you toward your next step on your life’s journey.

Creative inspiration

What do you enjoy? What brings you passion? What are your innate gifts and talents? Whether it is music, art, dance, sewing and artful crafts, get back in touch or tap into this hidden creativity. It takes us out of the mundane habitual activities of daily life. This is an opportunity for ongoing self-exploration and lifelong learning to enrich your inner being. Take classes, connect to people and groups with similar interests. Actualize your divine self and share your unique gifts and talents. Flourish in your creativity and shine your light in the world.

Trust the source

Do not doubt the guidance within. It is gentle and speaks softly to your heart. Recently, I had an important decision to make. I put it in my spirit and asked for the guidance to be crystal clear. I waited patiently and trusted with assurance that I would receive the answer. On the day I had to make the decision, the answer came in a gentle whisper with a short powerful message. I take the time to shut down the noise, be open, and pay attention to everything. Dreams also reveal powerful messages. You don’t have to struggle with decisions. Invite intuition into your life, and find peace, ease and contentment.


Your powerful voice of love, the guidance within, is beyond logic and conditioned responses that evoke fear. Invite it into to your life through down time, soulful engagement, authentic writing, creative inspiration and unwavering trust. You will become more confident, trust yourself, and manifest your heart’s desires. Most importantly, be patient and you will not be led astray. You will be inspired to take on novel experiences with assurance and become more of who you truly are. It will set you free!


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