11 Important Lessons I Learned From My False Twin Flame…

11 Important Lessons I Learned From My False Twin Flame

When you meet your false twin flame, you will be guided to think that you have met “the one.” The “false twin flame” serves a crucial purpose in your ascension and soul evolution process. They will be the first person you meet that will trigger your awakening.

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1. I learned to love myself unconditionally. This is the purpose the false twin flame serves. They will trigger you, ignore you, and treat you poorly, but for some reason, you will not be able to let go of the attachment. You will have to heal yourself and your inner wounds to the point that you learn to love yourself enough to let them go, even if you still feel attached to them. By that point, you become an unstoppable embodiment of self-love.

2. He was at a higher energetic vibration than me and it forced me to ascend to meet him. When he and I met, I was in the midst of a healing crisis. I was not aware of it at the time but I was still vibrating at a lower level of consciousness and I was suffering. I was faking my way through life and I was not happy. He was a relatively happy person with a loving and supportive family. Being in communication with him actually influenced me to ascend, and of course, I influenced him as well.

3. He taught me to toughen up. The “I’m going to take what I want” attitude he had in certain areas of his life was very eye-opening to me, as someone who never understood people who think that way. I don’t think it’s the right way to behave, but it does have some value in terms of not allowing others to take from you. I don’t believe in exploiting others, but he had a lot of strength in terms of his firm boundaries which taught me not to let others take from me so much as I once had. The journey of letting him go also taught me to stand in my power and be firm with my own boundaries of not talking to him anymore.

4. I learned to stop rejecting love when others want to give it. Because my false twin did not love me, as I mentioned in point #1, I was forced to start loving myself. When you start to resonate at that higher frequency of love, love becomes abundant around you. You begin to attract situations in which people want to give you their love, and it forces you to face your own issues of rejecting love and to start receiving it.

5. I learned about my own spiritual mission. If you are on this journey, you are an old soul. You are here to experience the New Earth frequency and to help influence others to be more loving to themselves and to others. Not everyone around you is going to experience the New Earth, but you are setting the path for future generations to live there, in the frequency of truth and enlightenment, which is that of the unconditional love of God. While I was in contact with my false twin, I was very much focused upon my own healing journey, and I learned so much about health, wellness, and energy. It essentially marked my transformation, my trial by fire, into becoming a healer and energy worker.

6. I learned to be less judgmental. I used to always choose partners who were kind to me, but then I rejected their love because I didn’t love myself. I was very logical and rational about who I picked. I would see women who dated narcissists and energy vampires or men who treated them poorly and I would judge them as being stupid to choose such a partner. Likely they were a lot more grounded in their body than I was, and they were just following their feelings and desire. I now understand the intense pull these types of people can have and I don’t judge but I have compassion.

7. I learned to become more grounded. Even though my false twin flame was a huge jerk and a narcissist, he really was much more grounded in reality than I was. He helped guide me to start living in the real world again. Once I decided to really see that, life became a lot happier. I have used the lessons I learned from our relationship to serve me in real life, which is the purpose of the journey.

8. Everything is temporary, nothing is permanent. We have this ideal of getting married to one special person and making it work no matter what. However, sometimes relationships are only meant to be in our lives for a short time. I clung to my false twin and continued to try to make it work long past its expiration date, because of the feeling I got when we met, that he was “the one.” However, I learned that it was only a temporary feeling and that we cannot make decisions or cling to others based on such temporary feelings from the past.

9. We cannot cling to anything, and the more we cling, the more what we want will elude us. Sometimes he would take days or longer to respond to my texts. At first, it gave me a lot of anxiety and I literally felt as if I would die due to the abandonment wounds he was triggering in me. I noticed that when I let go of thinking about him, he would come back in to text me. I started to practice the art of letting go, surrender, and energy clearing with him. Now I rarely worry when a guy is not responding, and I don’t take it personally. I just assume they are busy and they will respond when they are meant to. I also stopped trying to cling and manipulate in relationships— if they are meant to be there, they will be, if not, they won’t. It’s really that simple.

10. To live and experience relationships in the present moment. This lesson goes along with #7 and #8. Once I stopped clinging and acknowledged that everything is temporary, I realized that the only truth is that of the present moment. Karma can exist from the past which can impact the present, but the truth exists in the present moment. In order to be happy in a relationship, it needs to be experienced as it unfolds in the present moment.

The next relationship I entered after the false twin was one that was very much in the present moment. We both acknowledged that we were going to take things as they came. There were tumultuous times and lessons to be learned, but overall it provided us both with a sense of pleasure and enjoyment, as relationships are meant to. As a result, the relationship did live out its natural lifespan. I learned what I needed to from it, I enjoyed my time with him, and it was very beautiful.

11. First and foremost, you are here to serve God. Do not idolize anyone or anything about God and above your service to God. Otherwise, you will be unhappy. I totally idolized my false twin and there was a long stretch of time in which I allowed him to control me. The more I work on my own spiritual mission here the more I am rewarded in terms of how things flow and in my relationships. I have noticed that when I am working and I am in the flow, enjoying life, or doing my mission is when whomever I am in partnership with tends to come through energetically, not when I am pining away for them. This is how the universe works.


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