3 Tips To Stop The Delusion About Soul Mates And Twin Flames…

3 Tips To Stop The Delusion About Soul Mates And Twin Flames

There is a delusional belief that a Twin Flame connection requires one to stay in an abusive relationship. This is Not a Twin Flame connection! This is a Karmic Relationship but, handled with self- care can become a personal growth relationship.

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Do you know yourself?

The relationship with our self is extremely important, without a strong psychological and emotional foundation our lives crumble before us. We are living in a time where we have the outer freedom to acquire inner wisdom.

“And you?  When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”- Rumi

Our psychological unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, defense mechanisms, compulsions, and the shadow must be overcome before one is blessed to be with their deepest most profound eternal love…better known as the Twin Flame.

The psychology of attachment

There is also the delusion of a Runner and Chaser as an indication of this profound connection. This is not an indication of a Twin Flame. There is a Runner and Chaser in All relationships. The goal is to become the Secure. This is the Attachment Psychology in all relationships. Journeying into yourself is not the most popular understanding, but that is why these esoteric connections were not for mainstream society. There is also a misunderstanding about completion. In Soul Mate/Twin Flame relationships, you complete each other. When this happens within and not before, we will reunite with our soul’s counterpart-our twin flame.

Complete each other at the level of the soul?

An extraordinary soul encounter makes one feel as if they have just arrived at a temple. You have been given access to the Divine. As you enter the room where the holy of holies resides, you can feel the spark of the Almighty deep within them. Eternity shines through time in the presence of each other. It is in this state of being that you are one with them. The connection is from the world of spirit, you are brought together by the transcendent force of the universe. In terms of Soul Mates, you are entangled with your soul’s passion. In Terms of Twin Flames, you are entangled with your soul’s purpose.

Bringing us closer to the Divine

“The greatest thing a man can do for a woman is lead her closer to God than himself.” – Chili from the group TLC.

That is what Soul Mates and Twin Flames are meant to do. They bring us closer to our soul and the Transcendent Divine force of the universe.

Abusive relationships move us away from the Divine

Being and staying in abusive relationships both physically and mentally, is not bringing you closer to your soul and the transcendent. It is moving you away, creating more karma for your soul.

Here are 3 tips to stop the delusion:

  1. You are responsible for the health of your mind and behaviors. Abusive tendencies lead us away from our soul and another’s soul, creating karma along the way.
  2. The Runner and Chaser called by other names: Seeker and Sought, Anxious and Avoidant. Whatever name you call it, these are different ways on how people relate and has its roots, in the attachment to our early relationships with our caretakers. It’s not an indication of a Twin Flame connection.
  3. True oneness is when two people recognize the soul in another and become one at their spiritual essence but, remain two separate autonomous people.


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