The 6 Greatest Soul Mate/Twin Flame Movies…

The 6 Greatest Soul Mate/Twin Flame Movies

Soul Mate/Twin Flame connections are not just a boy meets girl, fall in love, and live happily ever after scenario. They are about the recognition of the soul, past lives, reincarnation, and immortality.

The greatest of these movies bring together the mystical elements needed for an authentic soul connection. The context regarding these six films are taken from novels or written as original screenplays. These films have three things in common that make them soul mate/twin flame material: recognition, synchronicity, and the world beyond.

Here they are, in no particular order:

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What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come, reflects on Chris and Annie’s love for one another. Chris (Robin Williams) is deeply connected to Annie (Annabella Sciorra).

The first moment Chris and Annie see each other, they recognize one another. “It was like soul mates, it’s extremely rare but, it does exist. Sort of like twin souls so tuned with each other apparently even in death.’’ – What Dreams May Come.

Chris and Annie meet, love, and get separated by death. They have to travel through the depths of hell to find each other again. Can they find each other in hell? What Dreams May Come is from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. To die, to sleep; to sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub; for in that sleep of death, what dreams may come?

When we die, we are immersed in a dream state. But, when we are born the ideal is to come out of the dream state and into full waking consciousness.

Somewhere in Time

In the beginning of Somewhere in Time, an old lady approaches Richard (Christopher Reeves) and says “Come back to me.” Richard is a playwright and gets writer’s block. One day, he hops in his car and winds up at the Grand Hotel. While he is at the hotel he sees a picture of an actress Elise McKenna (Jane Seymour) and immediately recognizes her.

However, it is the year 1977 and she lives in the year 1910. Richard asks his former professor, is time travel possible? The professor answers “yes,” Richard goes back to his hotel room and hypnotizes himself and enters the year 1910.

The Grand Hotel is grand in the year 1910 and Elise McKenna is acting in one of the hotel’s plays. Richard and Elise meet and instantly recognize one another. However, we know they are living in two different time periods. Can they bridge the time gap and be together for eternity?

Somewhere in Time, is an enchanting story about the immortal love of twin souls, the ultimate soul mate.

Only You (1994)

Only You is about a woman named Faith (Marisa Tomei), as a child her grandmother told her about Soul Mates. In 1891 in Pittsburgh, Pa, a novelty shop sold the first Ouija board; a magical device that answered questions about the world beyond. As a teen growing up in Pittsburgh, Faith takes out her Ouija board, and spirit directs her to spell the name Damon Bradley. Years later, Faith goes to a fortune teller, and tells Faith she was going to marry a man named Damon.

Faith is all grown up and now she is a middle school teacher. She teaches the class about the Philosopher Plato. She tells her students Plato said, if we go with the flow that will led us to our true love.

A few years later, Faith is engaged to a man who is not Damon Bradley. Weeks before the big day, Faith is all dressed up in her wedding dress, when she receives a phone call from her fiancé’s friend, who is in Venice, Italy and his name is… Damon. Faith travels to Italy in search for this man Damon. But, to her surprise, there is another gentleman in Italy that will cross her path.

I feel the movie Only You will give you the inspiration to seek a soul Connection.

Dead Again

Dead Again is a psychological thriller. Mike Church (Kenneth Branagh) is a LA private-eye. A friend of Mike’s, a priest, calls him from an orphanage where Mike grew up. The priest would like Mike to identify a speechless woman, (Emma Thompson) who mysteriously shows up at the orphanage.

As the movie unfolds, Mike takes the woman to a hypnotist. Under hypnosis, the woman discovers her name was Margaret and in love with Roman. Roman gave Margaret an ankle bracelet and he said, “When a husband gives his wife this anklet, they become two hearts of the same person, nothing can separate them, not even death.”- Dead Again

Here goes the story of the love and death of Roman and Margaret begun all over again. Mike and the woman discover together they have a past life history. This film will take you on an exciting ride between love, death, past lives, to the present.

I love the movie Dead Again and it has all the psychological and spiritual elements that I adhere to.

Made in Heaven (1987)

Made in Heaven is the truest soul connection of them all, a man drowns in a lake and goes to heaven. While in heaven, Mike (Timothy Hutton) meets Annie (Kelly Mcgillis), and falls in love. “Their love was fated by the stars, written on the wind, and blessed by the angels.”- Made In Heaven

The angels whisper to Annie, you have to go to earth. Mike is devastated, Annie now has to leave. Eventually, Mike reincarnates back to earth too. On Earth, both Mike and Annie have to discover their passions.

By discovering their passions and following them, they are led back to each other on earth. When they finally meet on earth, they wake up one another at their deepest level. As soon as they see each other, they start to remember their existence in heaven. They recognize one another not as a sexual attraction, but as two immortal beings.

The spiritual soul is recognized first (love at first sight) then there is a sexual attraction.

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan was a 1979 made-for-TV movie. At 13 years old, this movie had such a deep impact on me. For years, I tried to get my hands on a copy. So, when I finally watched this movie again in 2012 on YouTube, I was astonished. I had only remembered the ending and did not realize the depth of the story.

Jennie (Lindsey Wagner) is a woman with marital problems. Jennie and her husband want to make the marriage work, so they decide to start over. They buy an old house which I believe is supposed to be in upper Westchester, New York. The woman finds a vintage dress in the attic of the old house, and when she puts it on, immediately she is transported to another era.

She finds herself in the late 1800’s, and is in love with a man, whom she is going to marry. The woman goes back and forth between the two time periods.

The woman asks her lover in the 1800’s… Do you believe in immortality?

The woman asks her therapist in the 20th century… What is reality? Is it possible to break the barriers of time and space? What do we know about the universe? What do we know about time or infinity?

When I saw this uploaded version of the movie, I was amazed because I did not consciously remember the dialogue. I feel I was destined to communicate the immortality of the soul; to achieve oneness with the Divine, thru the interaction of mystical loves.

Do you believe in immortality?

Do you think it is possible to break the barriers of space and time, to connect with souls who are connected with your immortal soul?


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