5 Ways To Overcome Insecurity In Your Relationship…

5 Ways To Overcome Insecurity In Your Relationship

Healing insecurity in relationships is definitely possible.

You love your partner and you don’t want to lose them, so it may seem normal to feel insecure that you might lose him or her. The only problem is that insecurity can cause a lot of stress in your relationship.

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How insecurity ruins a relationship

When you are insecure, you might suspect your partner is doing things that they’re really not doing. In turn, you might treat them as though they aren’t doing what they need to do to keep you happy. When he/she doesn’t feel as though they’re good enough to you, they may start to feel they’re not right for you and break up with you.

When you are insecure, you may not be happy around them. That could make your partner think the problem is them, which can again, make them feel like they’re not good enough and want to leave the relationship. Basically, insecurities don’t do anything good for a relationship. It makes you unhappy and makes your partner unhappy. To help you boost your confidence in yourself, in your partner and in your relationship, try out these 5 methods!

Overcoming insecurity in a relationship

#1: Take a look at the past

What has your partner done in the past that has developed these insecurities you have in the relationship? If he hasn’t done anything, it’s good to realize that. It’s good to see that you have no basis for your insecurity in the relationship. Another way to look at the past is by looking at what other partners have done to you. Many of the things other people have done can creep into the relationship you have now and ruin it.

If an ex has hurt you, it’s time to take care of unfinished business with that. It may good to revisit exactly what happened in that relationship and how it ended. Then look at the relationship you have now to see how different it is so you can see that there are differences that won’t lead you to the same outcome. Achieving differentiation between past relationships and the current one is important. That way, you can start to appreciate the one you have now, by releasing insecurities you developed from the past.

#2: Decide on your ability to trust

Trust is one of the most important factors of a relationship. Trusting your partner is what relationships are all about. When you don’t trust your partner, you won’t be happy. You’ll feel on edge because you’ll always suspect something bad is going to happen. Whether you don’t trust your partner because he has been dishonest with you in the past or doesn’t open up to you enough for you to develop that trust, you must decide if continuing the relationship is in your best interest.

#3: Talk about your insecurities

Many times, the reason why people have insecurities is that they don’t fully understand how much their partner loves them. This may be because their partner doesn’t say it enough or they’ve seen others who have been through bad relationship situations. Talking about your insecurities can help you ease the discomfort you feel. Your partner can then take the time to console you and reassure you that he does love you and wants to be with you.

Talking about your insecurities in a relationship is one of the most important things you can do for the healthy and longevity of your love.

#4: Utilize self-affirmations

If your insecurities have nothing to do with your partner or your relationship, you can work on your self-esteem with self-affirmations. Positive affirmations will help you feel better about yourself. Start by looking in the mirror and instead of looking for all of the things you don’t like about yourself, start concentrating on the things you do like. State what you like — talk to yourself as if you are trying to comfort a best friend.

Here are some things you can say:

  • I love my eyes. They make me who I am and I am a beautiful person inside and out.
  • My hair is my best feature. I love how silky and manageable it is.
  • I have the power to do amazing things because I am happy with myself.
  • I have people in my life who love me and want me in their life. I am worthy of that and will appreciate that.

#5: Speak to a counselor

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t let go of your insecurities, it may be helpful to speak to a professional. That way, you can figure out why you have these insecurities and start to work on them so you can let go of the fear you have inside.

Being able to improve yourself will give you the ability to improve your relationship. Don’t allow yourself to lose someone you care about so deeply because of your insecurities. Work on yourself now.


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