How To Bring Healing & Harmony To Our Relationships…

How To Bring Healing & Harmony To Our Relationships

“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own self in all beings”  – Gautama Buddha

Unity is a state of being together in harmony and experiencing a feeling of oneness. It is essential for healing our relationships, and is critical for wholesome interactions. Unity brings strength, creates space for healing, and helps us feel a sense of wholeness.

Relationships and communities have become fractured with growing divisiveness in our families and communities. We have become disconnected through false beliefs, alternate states of reality, and illusions that tragically separate us from our true nature -the spiritual self. This disconnection from ourselves and others leads to isolation, loneliness, and alienation. Unity is our natural state of being that exists at our core, and brings stability and peace. As Rumi quotes, “In real existence, there is only unity. In things, spiritual, there is no partition, no number, no individuals”. 

In our current state of affairs, we have witnessed much discord with a desire for healing and harmony. However, it is difficult to look beyond our differences, see others as a reflection of ourselves, and treat people the way we would like to be treated. This point of reflection can be used as a yardstick to check our own behavior. We are part of the whole, and our overall well-being is essential for our collective survival and thriving in the world. In order to flourish, unity and healing is paramount to our human existence. Unity and healing can be achieved by accepting people for who they are, seeking common ground, managing our behavior, and letting love be the healer.

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Accept people for who they are

We are the sum total of our life experiences, and the richness of these experiences makes us who we are. Our desire to be seen and heard gives us a voice. Be open and create a space for people to be who they are and share their stories. We can benefit from life lessons and the collective wisdom of others. Our uniqueness and diversity bring value and enrichment to our communities. Am I treating others the way I would like to be treated? This self-reflective question invokes a sense of empathy that gives meaning to accepting people for who they are. Seeing the reflection of ourselves in others makes us more compassionate. Being open-minded, non-judgmental, and respectful of others is mutually beneficial.  As we demonstrate regard and honor for others, we will be treated with respect.

Seek common ground

Common ground is the backbone for unity. Understanding oneness enables us to appreciate our universal desires for connection and love, freedom, and peace.  it is essential to respect our differences and appreciate our commonalities. Mutual and shared interests can serve as a basis for general consensus. However, differences in opinions and disagreements should be respectfully acknowledged. It is important to share feelings and insights, and explore the concerns of others. Common ground opens the door for engaging dialogues, understanding, and building trust. Being an active listener and present in our relationships boost confidence and create stronger bonds. When we operate from a place of oneness, we wholeheartedly connect with others. As we uplift others, we serve for the greater good.

Manage your behavior

We are responsible for ourselves. As we strive to be our best, we can regulate our behavior by managing our emotions, monitoring our thinking patterns, and making healthy choices. As Lao Tzu quotes, “Watch your thoughts; They become words; Watch your words; They become actions. Watch your actions; They become habits; Watch your habits; They become your character; Watch your character; It becomes your destiny”. Nurturing ourselves helps us to achieve inner harmony. Creating a loving relationship with ourselves enables us to live in harmony with others. Let the spirit of love operate within you, and you will know just how to respond to others. The sweetness and comfort of a loving relationship brings unity and and expands our capacity to love others.

Let love be the healer

Love is our greatest and most viable gift to ourselves and others. It can heal, unite, and touch everything it encounters, whether it is instantly, subtly, or gradually. It can be a memorable moment, such as an act of loving-kindness, a word or a smile that changes a life. The Wholistic Model of Love, includes nine ingredients in Henry Drummond’s Spectrum of Love, that help us manifest love in our daily lives. These ingredients include: Patience (calm), kindness (considerate), humility (modesty), courtesy (polite), generosity (sharing), unselfishness (charitable); good temper (pleasant), guileless (pure in heart), and sincerity (truthful). When we demonstrate these ingredients in our relationships, the beauty of love brings unity and harmony. This creates a ripple effect for goodness and positive change.


Keep the vision of unity in your heart. Despite our unique differences and commonalities, we are one. Together we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations. Be accepting, wholeheartedly connect with others, manage yourself well, and be loving. Unity can be healing and everybody wins. By embracing our human connection, we can experience infinite love, freedom, and joy.


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