Don’t You Think Love Is Enough To Be Happy Even Without Money?…

Don’t You Think Love Is Enough To Be Happy Even Without Money?

If there is one tendency common to every person regardless of their circumstances, it is the need for happiness. Most, if not all, of our decisions are ultimately based on the promise of happiness, immediate or gradual, direct or indirect. They are also influenced by our notion or understanding of happiness. What makes me happy may be different than what makes you happy, but at the end of the day, we are all looking for happiness.

Many feel happiness is tied with money. But is money all that it takes to be happy? Can one not experience happiness without money? Let us explore!

By and large, money is what determines the kind of life we live and the way in which we experience the world around us, irrespective of the type of circumstances we get to have. It is money that buys the food we eat, the house we live in, the clothes we wear, the education that we procure to learn and grow, the means we employ to protect ourselves from violence (physical, mental, emotional and psychological), and everything else that we have a material need of. In short, money is the currency, not only for survival, but also to live a good decent life. When we have enough money to live a good decent life, it frees up our time and energy so that we can actually experience happiness, and also work towards sharing this happiness with others.

But does that mean that without money, one cannot be happy?

Certainly not! To be happy, all it takes is one’s own decision to be happy. There is nothing that can stop someone from being happy if one is insistent on remaining happy.

And what about love? Is love enough to be happy?

Yes, it is!

Even without money?

Yes, love is enough to be happy, even without money. One who truly values love, for him love is all. To value love, it is important to understand love. Love is beyond material hardships and hence it is enough to keep him happy. The warmth of love gives the power to fight against any odds. Hence, love is more than enough to keep one happy.

Love can, and often does, come from people – friends and family – or even animals. But suppose there is someone who has no one to call their own in this world, someone who is all alone, how can such a person be happy?

Once we know the real source of love that lies within, it is enough to be happy, no matter what. The real source of love is the Pure Soul. Pure Soul is the Self and the Self is verily the God! Anyone can tap this real source of love once one attains Self-Realization i.e. attains the experiential knowledge of really ‘who am I?’

How do we attain Self-Realization?

We can attain Self-Realization with the grace of a Living Gnani, who has himself attained Self-Realization and has the divine power to make others attain Self-Realization too. This is the easiest way – no fasting, no hard penances! In this day and age, Akram Vignan provides this easy path to Self-Realization, whereby we can attain Self-Realization directly with the grace of the Gnani in just two hours only!!!

In the Self-Realization ceremony (Gnanvidhi), He not only destroys our deluding karma of ignorance and makes us realize that, ‘I am really a Pure Soul whose function is to only see and know’; but also gives us the understanding that ‘I am not the doer.’ In this world, everything just happens, through Nature.

With the knowledge gained during Self-Realization, we come into the awareness of the Self. Now, as we remain in the company of Gnani, the powerhouse of Gnan (real knowledge), we continue to develop more and more right understanding in each aspect of worldly and spiritual life. Consequently we experience more and more happiness in life. Gnani says, “In this world, any unhappiness that we experience is only and only due to wrong understanding.” As we follow his words, we ourselves realize how true this statement is!

Pure Soul means Pure Love. The very inherent property of the Soul is eternal bliss. So, one who knows the Soul is a fountain of pure love and an abode of eternal bliss!

Gnani has known the Soul. If a person were to experience his supreme love and oneness of being with Gnani even once, Gnani will always be in his memory; then inspite of being surrounded by life’s numerous miseries, such person will always be happy! Gnani’s doors are open for all! So, go and meet this Gnani, and experience for yourself, how love is enough to be happy, even without money.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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