Relationship Advice: Reasons Why Women Dump Men…

Relationship Advice: Reasons Why Women Dump Men

Women need certain things in a relationship. Women want a man that they can trust, depend on and confide in. They want someone that makes them feel happy, secure and loved. However there are certain things men do wrong in relationships that give women reasons to break up with them.

If your partner decides to leave you, then you have probably done something wrong. Below are some reasons why women break up with us.


A relationship is built on trust and once that trust is broken it can be very difficult to repair. If you cheat on your partner, then you’re admitting that something isn’t right in your relationship. Instead of being unfaithful, talk to her about your concerns and try to fix your relationship. If you can’t fix it then you shouldn’t be together. After all, how would you feel if she cheated on you?

Lack of Attention

Women like a man who can talk and listen to them. If you rarely communicate then she is likely to feel unsatisfied in the relationship, even if you feel everything is going ok. If she doesn’t get enough attention and love from you then she will want to find someone who will treat her right.

Lack of Intimacy

Women want more than just sex. They want a physical connection of intimacy and love. If you only contact her when you want quick shag then she will become dissatisfied and lose interest.

Too Controlling

Women don’t want a partner that tells them where they can go, what they can wear and who they can talk to. A man with a controlling nature can be scary which will likely result in her ending the relationship.

Lack of Ambition

Women like a man who is ambitious and shows a passion for life. They like men who want to move forward and progress and take care of themselves. If you live a poor lifestyle and show signs of immaturity then she is likely to leave you quickly.

No Emotional Support

Women need a lot of emotional support. They like to feel loved and cared for. If she is supportive of you then she wants you to be supportive of her. If you can’t meet her emotional needs then she will look elsewhere.

Too Abusive

Being physically or verbally abusive will knock her confidence, self-esteem and make her feel worthless. Threatening and abusive behaviour has no place in a loving relationship.

Not Showing Appreciation

Women tend to do a lot for their men without any credit. You need to appreciate the things she does for you and tell her. Give her compliments on how good she looks when she dresses up and tell her how good she is at doing things. Let her know that you appreciate the things she does for you.

Another Reason Why Women Break Up With Men Who Love Them

Some women break up with men because they are cold hearted and only on this planet for one reason only, themselves!

If you find that you are in a relationship with a selfish, mental woman, and she breaks up with you then think of it as a lucky escape. A relationship like this is nothing but a nightmare. If you can’t get her to love you or get her to see how much she is hurting you, then you need a wakeup call. She is who she is and nothing will get in her way, not even you. I was once in a relationship like this and it took me a while to realise that I was better off without her and that there are plenty more fish in the sea.


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