10 Powerful Ways Exercising Will Unlock Your Relationships…

10 Powerful Ways Exercising Will Unlock Your Relationships

You may think of exercise as something that will enhance your health and fitness, tone your body and perhaps even live longer. However, that’s not all the benefits that exercising will do for you. Exercise can unlock and improve every aspect of your life and relationships with family, friends and your significant other.

Here are 10 powerful ways that exercising will improve your life:

#1 Become a Better Version of You

Doing exercise on a routine basis can make you feel better about yourself and raise your self-esteem. As your self-confidence increases, your energy lifts up and this is noticed and felt by other people which also helps you to feel more connected.

#2 Attract More Positive Interactions

Since exercise makes you feel better about yourself, you will start perceiving yourself in a more enlightened manner. This can help you feel less resistant toward life. Resistance has a repelling effect on others because it triggers them emotionally, so being less resistant will naturally attract more positive interactions with other people.

#3 Communicate More Effectively

When you are confused about how you feel and what you want for yourself, it can be difficult to share your energy, empathy and space with other people. Studies have shown that exercise helps your brain to think more clearly which can help to improve your communication skills with others.

#4 Feel Better About Being with People

Exercise can help to subside social fears too. Having a more positive outlook due to making positive choices for your body will help your confidence soar and make you more inclined to want to be with others.

#5 Be a Role Model for Others

Exercising regularly and eating well can inspire other people to also start looking after themselves. This has a wonderful feedback loop as their participation also inspires you to continue to be a good role model and therefore improve many other aspects of your life. Our bodies naturally thrive on eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and being more active.

#6 Healthy Relationships Become a Priority

Creating goals for exercise helps you to succeed in every workout. This is also true with relationships; the more you create goals to help you focus your attention toward what you want, the easier it becomes to feel motivated to attain it. Simply think of exercise and your relationships with others as things you want to work toward improving every day.

#7 Reduces Stress

There’s no better way to increase your productivity at work than with a healthy workout, as exercise is great for promoting mental clarity. The benefits of exercising also carry over to your relationship. As co-host of Extreme Weight Loss personal trainer and fitness coach, Heidi Powell says, “Exercise is one of the best stress-relievers in the world.”

The Mayo Clinic explains that any physical activity such as lifting weights; going for a run, yoga or a fun bike ride provides a rush of endorphins that will put you in a better mood. So, exercise helps you to stay chill and potentially avoid a fight when your partner pushes your buttons!

#8 Increases Your Sex Drive

According to research, exercise increases blood flow throughout your entire body which includes those parts of you that make you more responsive to stimulation. A Brooks running survey revealed that 68% of women believe that pounding the pavement with their man increased their mileage between the sheets. It feels super sexy to be working out together.

#9 Helps You Support Each Other

A man’s ticket to mastering the mantra “Happy wife, happy life” may reside in his fitness routine. For all genders, Dopamine linked to your brain’s pleasure center lights up when you exercise. Add this to the rush of endorphins and you’re one happy camper after a successful exercise session.

When you’re happy you’re more likely to make an effort to ensure that your partner is happy too. Powell says, “You not only want to be the best version of yourself, but you’re also going to encourage your spouse to become the best person they can be as well. Moreover, you’ll have a sense of camaraderie if you exercise together as both of you can encourage each other which will motivate you to accomplish something great.”

#10 Boosts Your Emotional Bond

Exercising together can help couples to make it through the challenging times in their relationship. According to Powell, “There are many benefits to cranking out a sweat session on your own but there’s truth behind the mantra, “The couple that plays together, stays together.”

Final Thoughts

While exercise is a great way to improve your relationship, know that these improvements can take time. It is most important to work on yourself first and then you can show others what you’re made of.

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