3 Simple Rules To Grow In Any Relationship…

3 Simple Rules To Grow In Any Relationship

With so much confusion in our world, oftentimes it can feel like love is caught behind the scenes. In any healthy loving relationship, truth supersedes all confusion and blurring of boundaries. Hate can never be love, love can never be hate. No matter where you stand on your journey have faith that love will always win out. Coming to terms with loss and lack of love is a healthy part of life. Change is constant as love endures, so it’s also healthy for any loving relationship to grow and develop.

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1) Rely On Self-love

All of us have the opportunity to grow and develop a form of self-love that is based on our own truth. Relationships will only flourish if you act out of self-love. Self-love should never be about playing a role with others. Staying true to oneself is a great way to grow in any healthy love relationship. Part of self-love is balancing your own ego and realizing your own place in relationships. Any healthy relationship is a give and take, but it is unhealthy to expect that your relationships will always feel emotionally even. Self-love is giving to others without sacrificing yourself and not expecting something in return.

2) Constructive Communication

Any healthy loving relationship that has the ability to grow includes constructive communication. Like self-love, it is also based off of truth. Building others up through communicating constructively is one sign of a healthy relationship. Speaking mindfully, being aware of your intentions is one way to implement healthy communication in any relationship. When you come from a genuine place of love with those who are most important to you, it is easier to maintain and grow in the relationships. Don’t be afraid of stepping back in any relationship, as sometimes this is the greatest gift you can give to those who you love. Taking time away for yourself is necessary in order for you to fully be invested in others.

3) Leave Insincerity Behind

To continue to thrive in any of your loving relationships, leave behind the idea of inadequacy. I think all of us have some experience with ending relationships due to a lack of genuine love. It can save you time and energy if you remember that any lack of love is not a reflection of who you are or what you bring to the table. With all of us on our own journey at different points of growth, letting go of things that no longer serve us is a step in the right direction for any healthy loving relationship. All of us know our intentions in any relationship. When feeling a lack of harmony with others, always examine your own aim in the situation. If you’re secure in your intentions, then letting go of inadequacy will make way to freeing energy for further developing your relationships.


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