5 Ways To Recognize True Love…

5 Ways To Recognize True Love

There are certain elements of true love you can find in every relationship.

Finding your perfect match is not easy, and it has never been. One day, someone knocks at your door, introduces himself, and then you’ll wake-up surprised with the reality that you are no longer strangers anymore. That first “hello” opened an ethereal world that’s so beautiful but will sometimes confuse you and at times will leave you hanging speechless.

Let me say this, there will be tough times, lots of it. And while the butterflies might help, it will never be enough to patch things up. Even if you’ve been together for a long time and you might think you knew the person so well, there will always be a new emerging partner in him — almost every single day.

The true beauty of love comes out in the rough, believe it or not. You will thank these hard times too, for helping you find the one.

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1) Separation

I know you are certainly familiar with that quote “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, indeed it does! Be it long distance relationships, break-ups, communication barriers, etc. True love will emerge when the world tries to get in the way.

Being together is easy yet others still fail at it, but the love that comes out from perseverance and discipline is the most unbreakable. For the people who knew separation, the job of being together would be easy-peasy!

2) Arguments, tons and tons of them

I’m not really asking you to put up a fight with anyone to show your affection, neither should you intentionally create an argument just because. But the key is to know healthy relationships are built by two people who know how to argue and listen at the same time. This is because holding in your anger or your honest opinions isn’t healthy — it will only pile up and come out in the open eventually.

3) Taking in the word “NO”

There will be disappointments because “no” is a direct verbal translation of rejection. But hey, knowing how to say no is a tough job, too. You don’t say it just to hurt other people’s feelings. Saying no is a choice you make to help each other grow as individuals. It sets boundaries, not for seclusion, but to help the other know you better.

The person who truly loves you will respect that because they understand that love is not just measured with the “yes”-es but also on how far can you accept the “no”-s. Also, they keep in mind that, a no could turn out to be a yes if you’re patient enough. You never know, so better be prepared anyway! ☺

4) Opposites attract

This is an absolute cause of most failing relationships, differences. This ranges from the petty fights between ice cream flavors to music genres, and literally anything else. That person who sees those differences as missing pieces to his life’s puzzle doesn’t need to favorite your favorites, but will be excited to try that weird-tasting jelly bean flavor you love, interested to read that fictional book you’ve kept for years even though fiction is the least of his likes, and will hold your hand with his best intentions and efforts to explore your world – a world that he’s never been into. You might want to be the same too because I tell you, it’s so much fun!

5) Trust and self-worth

Trust is like lending out your favorite stuff entailed with the only expectation that the person you lent it to will care for it as much as you do. Being a generous person that you are, you give it away, until one day, disappointment mailed you a notice. What to do? Loving a person means trusting seven times seven times seven. Giving out trust without precaution though makes you an irresponsible person.

You are the steward of yourself. Trusting a person means he will do the best that he can to not commit the SAME mistake again, that’s when the word “sorry” gains its essence. The person who truly loves you will not hesitate to trust you again, but you have to do your part to care for it twice more.

After all the stops and starts, the good and the bad, what else can you not share and do? It is not guaranteed that the one is the one who’s with you at the calm before and during the storm, rather who’s left after.

Tough times can either make you or break you. If he takes the position that being in a relationship is not as hard as it looks, & seeks to cross with you to a brighter, happier life, you’ve certainly got a keeper!


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