Top 5 Reasons Why Your Ex Is An Ex…

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Ex Is An Ex

The relationship with our own self is hard enough, let alone when you add another person into the mix. Whatever the label is — your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your fiancé, your husband or wife — when you bring in another person to your personal & spiritual space it’s a recipe for a more evolved connection to occur.

All relationships begin the same way even though each relationship is creating and having different experiences.

Phase 1: The Honeymoon

Phase 2: The Truth Seeking

Phase 3: The Exchange

When you have any type of relationship with someone and you move through these three phases then you immediately develop an energy bond which is what creates a deeper rapport to occur. However, there comes a point in time during some of these relationships where that connection or deep rapport is over and needs to ‘break up.’ This is when the ex becomes the ex.

It is common that when one or even sometimes both of the people involved get to a space where ‘this isn’t working out anymore’ that they end up going their separate ways, but do they really? Usually one person is left holding the ‘break up’ of the energy as baggage which creates a need or desire to find out if their ex is going to be coming back to them. Why does this happen? Simple, because one person let go of the energy while the other one is still holding onto it & this can give a false sense of security that the ‘ex’ is ‘coming back.’

Just because the person who is left behind still feels all the energy from the relationship does not mean that the relationship is meant to come back together or that the two people involved are ‘meant to be.’ It simply means the energy from the relationship has yet to clear and move on into something new.

So, how do you move on from that energy?

Simple, you do forgiveness work on the relationship in order to clear the energy through the 7 energy centers of the body aka chakras in order to ‘clear out’ the left over energies of the relationship that one or both people may still be carrying. For more information on forgiveness work please read What Is Forgiveness Work?

Breaking up with someone whom you have developed a deep rapport with over time is never easy; especially when so much has been exchanged energetically and memories have been created. Always remember to preserve the learnings of former relationships and carry those positive learnings into the next relationship you form. If you do forgiveness work in order to clear the energy centers of the old relationship it is a double win for you and the new person entering your life.

However, the mental mind still wants to ‘understand’ why your ex is going to stay your ex and hopefully this insight will provide some clarity as you maneuver the letting go process.

1. The karmic exchange of what you two came together for is complete.

2. The ex has left energy for you to go deeper into a quest of spiritual healing.

3. The ex received their learnings & has moved on with someone new.

4. The ex is a closure to the past to create a more aligned future partnership.

5. The emotional bond is broken.

It is important to allow your heart to surrender to the truth of why the ex becomes the ex in order to move forward to create a life sustaining partnership with the most aligned energy possible who will never have to wear the label of an ‘ex’ again.


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