Loving Yourself- How Awareness Is Key…

Loving Yourself- How Awareness Is Key

A healer and yoga teacher for over twenty five years, Lorraine now enjoys writing about spirituality and healing, inspired by her long-standing meditation practice of Ishaya’s Ascension.

Spiritual traditions teach that God or Source is love, but how do you feel when you are told that you yourself are love ? Does this make sense to you in a world full of competition and striving? This teaching often falls between the cracks of our not yet complete understanding or acceptance of who we really are.

Thoughts and Judgements

Life has a way of masking the truth about our mistakes, making them seem like faults rather than the way we learn and grow. Surviving in today’s world throws up so many challenges that it’s easy to start judging ourselves when we perceive we have slipped beneath our own ideals of what it is to be a spiritual person. When this happens we may try to make ourselves more attractive, successful, popular, and ‘good-enough’.

Often, our judgments about ourselves come from what other people have said about us and are

buried very deep. We may also judge others to make us feel better about ourselves, but the judgments that we hear in our heads about ourselves or others are just old thought-patterns looping around and around in our minds. If we attach importance to them it makes them ‘real’.

Thoughts are like clouds of energy that float through and around us taking on our own particular ‘flavour’ as they go. We pick them up from others and think they are our own. As we move more into the awareness that we are all One, this begins to make more sense. Thoughts morph into judgments; some of them stick, and we think they are ours too. Healers and bodyworkers may be

familiar with the phenomenon of picking up a client’s thoughts or emotions when working with them, and being startled when they realise that they are not their own. However, when thoughts roll in, whatever they are, we can just observe them without taking them on. They then loose their power.

Witnessing – An Act of Self-Love

When we stop latching onto every thought that passes through our minds, it is a powerful act of self-love. When we cease to judge ourselves, we invite unconditional love into our lives. The

universe is made of love, something ancient seers have always known. If the Universe is made of love, then so are we, as we all originate from Source. If love is what we are, why should we not love ourselves? Love is acceptance, non-judgment, and forgiveness and it’s for us too.

Whatever may have happened in our lives, all adversities, all mistakes, arose while we were learning to live life more fully. If no judgment is attached, then we are in the happy state of knowing that we were not ‘wrong’ – but just learning. Sorrow, regret, and sadness over past decisions can then melt away and acceptance can take their place.

Coming Full-Circle

Love is something that those on a spiritual path often direct outwards to the world or creation, but coming full circle, this love must ultimately return to us. Spiritual teachers say we must love ourselves first before we can truly love others, and this is true, but we must navigate around the obstacle of judging our ‘personality-self.’ By realising that our true nature is the Divine-Self or Source, we can then build our peace.

If you want to build something, you follow the instructions, keep at it, and sooner or later you have results. As a practitioner of Ishaya’s Ascension’s ancient yet timeless techniques you are given the method to build your peace – a direct and simple approach for connecting with Source – no beliefs necessary.

Ishaya’s Ascension: www.thebrightpath.com


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