Love, Kumaras, And Rahatiel


I want to take this article to expand on the topics I hinted at in the previous writing. We’re going to explore the above-mentioned topics in greater depth. I assure you that even though they look disjointed, they are all really connected. Let’s start where everything should start, and end: with love. We’ll then proceed onto the Kumaras and will finish with Rahatiel.

In previous articles, I discussed love from a Theosophical perspective as the concept applies to the seven rays. Really, love addresses two rays: the second and the sixth. The second ray is that of love and wisdom, and some could say “love wisdom” as well. This is the blue ray, corresponding to Jupiter, and the astrological signs Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. Kuthumi is the ascended master of this ray, and it is a ray of aspect. On an interesting side note, Kuthumi became the ascended master of this ray in the mid-1990s, when Buddha stepped aside. This is the ray that has to do with applying love and/or wisdom when appropriate to the situation. If you’ll notice, the three astrological signs that correspond to this ray are all mutable signs, and this gives us some indication of the flexibility needed when integrating love and wisdom into everyday life. Gemini is the sign of humanity as a whole, Virgo is the sign of service, and Pisces is the sign of the reborn deity, in other words, the resurrected deity, as well as the visionary and innovator. Jupiter is the planet of this ray, not for the financial prosperity that he encourages, but the expansion of consciousness it represents. In eastern traditions Jupiter is known as the planet of the teacher and teaching, and therefore is the guru planet. Learning to live in and express love and wisdom are the two focal points, and Kuthumi can assist in their expression.

Now, let’s explore some outer space! We all know through metaphysics, science, and basic common sense, that love is the highest vibration in this solar system, correct? I know many may consider this just a spiritual or subjective belief, but this spiritual truth is reflected in the everyday world in the phrase “You get farther with honey than you do with vinegar,” or variations on that. And of course, this is where common sense arrives. Anyway, if love is the highest vibration of the solar system, then we are a second ray solar system. What this means is that the light that streams down from the source of the seven rays, located in Ursa Major, which streams to us, is strongest through love. Of course, all of the seven rays manifest in the solar system in various ways, but the second ray is the strongest of them. So if we think about this a quick minute, this tells us that there are at least six other solar systems in relative distance to Ursa Major that receive the light of the seven rays, but the ray strongest in their system is not the second! So for example, you could have a solar system where the seventh ray is the strongest. The seventh ray is the ray of ceremony, magick, and bringing things in order. On one hand, think of what could be done from a magical point of view! However, on the other hand, imagine what it would be like to live in a solar system where order is the highest law. No compassion, just unforgiving order. I think George Orwell wrote about this, but anyway, I digress. Effective, but probably emotionally cold. You could extrapolate and meditation on that particular tangent for a long, long time, and it is a meditation worth doing, by the way. And of course keep in mind that Venus is the planet of love, even though theosophically the planet of the second ray is Jupiter. As a lot of people know though, Venus is considered the “Lesser Benefic” in astrology, while Jupiter is the “Greater Benefic,” so they are related.

I inject Venus here not just as a reminder, but also to segue to the Kumaras. This particular topic is always something I enjoy discussing because I see sooooo much misinformation and understanding out there about it. A lot of people think Sanat Kumara, who we will address soon, is made up in the Theosophical paradigm, and this is completely wrong. The idea of the Kumaras is an idea that is Hindu in origin. They are an underpinning principle of Hinduism. In the Mahabharata, they are mentioned in several places and are discussed as being rishis, which is the equivalent of a sage or wise person. They are children of Brahma, the generator god, and for the most part, they wander the universe on a constant quest to teach. While there are variations on the number of Kumaras and other details, this one principle is consistent throughout. One of their numbers, Sanat Kumara, is actually currently here on Earth, teaching, and preparing us to go through the next spiritual evolution of our species. Remember in the previous piece I mentioned that he can be met in Shamballah, so with astral projection or meditation means, you can achieve gnosis with him. The rest of the Kumaras wander freely though, and to my knowledge, it is never really discussed where they are.

Here is where Theosophy breaks new ground. According to Theosophy, Sanat Kumara came to earth from the etheric plane of Venus approximately 16.5 million years ago. It is also said that Sanat Kumara brought an entourage of thirty other beings with him, and collectively they are known as “Lords of the Flame.” Basically, the Lords of the Flame is the Hierarchy, to give you an idea of who is found there. However, there are only seven ascended masters associated with the rays, so that still leaves twenty-three open to speculation and interpretation. Perhaps there are others out there that no one has made contact with, or at least in a long time. As the story goes, with them, came a great number of souls with them, 144,000, according to most sources. Some of you may recognize that number from the Judeo-Christian belief system, and if you do, it would be wise to ponder on that. All of this also tells us that in Theosophy, Venus is the most spiritually advanced planet in the solar system. Now, if women are from Venus and men are from Mars…

Finally, we come to Rahatiel, and a lot of you may be looking at that name and thinking it is an angel, due to the spelling of it, but when you search your resources you may have a hard time finding his name. It is said that Rahatiel is the angel governing this solar system. Technically it’s the constellations, but Theosophy teaches us that can be expanded out. A lot of times when I’m doing my esoteric astrology work I start off with an invocation to Rahatiel to make those deeper connections, and for those of you that have an interest in anything astronomical, I encourage you to give working with Rahatiel a shot!

It is time to wrap it up for now, but in the next piece we will expand and clarify a few things mentioned here. We will further explore the tangent tied into Venus being the most spiritually advanced planet in the solar system when we explore sacred and non-sacred planets and begin to expand out into the greater multiverse. We’ll discuss the planets Vulcan, Eris, and the Tiamat theory as well.

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