Love And Kindness Practice: Nonprofit Organizations Helping The Homeless…

Love And Kindness Practice: Nonprofit Organizations Helping The Homeless

“We are on this planet to love each other, to serve each other, and to uplift each other. We have come to this Earth to give, not to take. Give, and there will be virtue in what you will be given. And that will give you God.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

On any given night there are almost 47,000 people sleeping on the street in Los Angeles County and over 63,000 people in New York City. Those are just two not-so-small corners of our nation, but they speak to the large numbers of those who find themselves without a bed or safe shelter on any given night of the week. Combating to reduce the overwhelming numbers of individuals who face homelessness is an issue in every major city.

There are a large number of non-profit organizations that have been conceptualized to offer aid and services to the homeless population of every city in the United States. The practice of love and kindness show up in acts of service. The following are organizations that have honed in on a specific population and may be able to help direct you to other organizations in a city or a town near you where you can request aid for yourself or others, volunteer your time or make donations to.

Family Focused

When an entire family finds themselves on the streets, it can prove to be more difficult to get them back into a stable environment. It is more than just one person who needs to be focused on, including their pets. You need a larger space with more resources and the cooperation of the family as a whole to be successful. Solutions for Change works to give families the tools for them to reestablish themselves and has proven to have long term results. They offer Solutions University, which provides parenting classes, career services and counseling to approach creating changes that will have long-term benefits for the family as a whole. Solutions for Change believes in approaching homelessness holistically by finding the root of the issue and helping to remedy situations from the inside out.

Veteran Assistance

According to the University of Nevada, there are a total of 19.3 million veterans in the United States. Veterans makeup 8.6 percent of the homeless population. There are many reasons that vets find themselves without work and without a home to go to every night. Often times, post-traumatic stress disorder or combat injury prevents veterans from being able to return back home the same person that they were before being deployed. USA Cares is just one of many organizations that aims to help veterans get back on their feet. It has 10 separate chapters in nine different states that offer housing assistance, aid in career transitions and emergency financial support. Their focus is on post-911 veterans but they offer services to all military backgrounds. The organization also offers education about how to handle loan officers, realtors, and other types of financing to empower veterans to take hold of their housing situation and move forward in a positive direction.

Events and Donations

In addition to housing, people affected by homelessness are in need of other assistance such as medical care, food, clothing and hygiene. Rekindle offers “Kindness Co-Ops” on Second Chance Saturdays, where over a hundred volunteers show up to offer their expertise and services to provide to those in need. The Kindness Co-Ops are just one of the many programs that Rekindle provides their community, in addition to the numerous different methods they utilize to raise money. It is important to remember that there is nothing stopping you from holding your own event or organizing a food or coat drive in your own community. If you feel the calling to organize an act of kindness for the homeless population of your town or city, take the initiative and make a positive impact on your own local streets. The only way to solve this problem is to work together with our fellow man to raise them up and help them to be successful in their endeavors to find stable work and a stable home.


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