Looking Within Gives A Bigger Picture…

Looking Within Gives A Bigger Picture

We are receiving all the answers we need whenever we look within.

When we look on the outside of things, our perception is small. When we look within, we have a bigger picture of what’s going on.

The paradox here is that looking outside of ourselves filters our perspective about what’s really going on in the world around us and we may be easily prone to blame, judge, or knowing better, which are all triggers that diminish our experience, making our world small. In energy work, we know that everything we experience is a reflection of ourselves, so the best way to deal with something is to look within and take responsibility for our part.

Now, that isn’t suggesting that we are ultra-responsible for everything that goes on in the world — to think that would be another extreme point of view and not an indicator that we are actually looking within. It would still be looking outside of ourselves but with the imposed filter of hyper-self -importance.

But as with all things, there is a middle way; the balance of looking within with an open honest mind and from the same space observing the world without any judgement.

Making judgements and conclusions is inherently blinding. That’s why looking within will always give us the bigger picture.

We are all tempted to look at the obvious things in the material world. But like a fly in a spiderweb, we get stuck and can’t see beyond our fixations.

So where to start? Whenever we find ourselves fixated on something going on in our personal lives, or in the global environment, the best thing to do is see what it could be reflecting back. Think of everything and everyone in your life as an archetypal representation of some unresolved issue within yourself.

Let’s say, “Jessica” has unresolved mother issues that stem from her mother passing away when she was a child. Jessica will now project her mother archetype into her reality and it will reflect back to her as she will attract people who fill the void of not having a mother and/or playing the role of having problems with the mother while she was alive.

Let’s say that the projected mother and Jessica get into an argument about something trivial. Jessica needs to look within and see what this person represents to her and figure out why she is getting overly-emotional (or shutting down).

With some introspection, perhaps some journaling or by taking a walk, Jessica can see that she is projecting the mother archetype onto her friend. With some deeper investigation, she sees that she is taking out her frustration on her friend, which is a transposition of her frustration she has with her mother.

She may even come to realize how unfair she is treating her friend by never even making an attempt at seeing them for who they really are and what their contribution to her life could be once she does.

And unless we are fully enlightened, we all do this with various archetypes all the time.

The main takeaway is that we need to look within so that we don’t get hung up in the entanglement of human affairs. If we can organize and channel our emotions in a healthy way, we can free up time and energy for other projects.

The most important thing to remember is that the more we look to the outside for the answers, the smaller our world gets. The more we get in touch with ourselves, and get honest, the more resources we attain and the bigger our vision becomes. This is why it is said that all answers come from within. We all know it, we just need to shift our focus from one of judgement, blame, and addiction to drama into one of honesty, courage and the will to peace.

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