Looking At Holy Images Will Heal You…

Looking At Holy Images Will Heal You

What goes into the body through our various sensory organs is very powerful. What we listen to, who with interact with — what we see, hear, smell, touch, and taste— can be very powerful and have a negative or positive impact on our energy

When we look at holy images, such as images of a cross, ascended masters like Jesus or the Buddha, images of other highly spiritual people (think Eckhart Tolle or Joel Osteen), biblical figures, or other religious or spiritual ceremonial objects, it can have a positive impact on our own energetic body. The result is that we can receive healing due to the inner healing work these people have done on themselves or otherwise received, or due to the nature of these objects as having healing properties. Even looking at images of nature, crystals, or other items that are close to God (meaning that they have a high energetic frequency or resonance), we can achieve great levels of healing within ourselves.

There is a reason that churches often incorporate imagery of biblical figures within their art. It evokes certain emotions and states of consciousness that you can only experience by going into such sanctuaries.

Healing can come in many different forms and from many different places. This was one healing method that somewhat surprised me on my own journey, but when I look at these sorts of images, it leaves me with feelings of calm and peace— which is why it is healing to look at them in the first place. We can absorb their energy of peace and calm because humans are physical as well as energetic beings. These people often have a special glow about them that impacts us on an energetic level as well.


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Emily Heron


Emily is a writer, shamanic healer and intuitive holistic health coach. She has created a series of online courses about…

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