Long Term Constipation Can Be Life-Threatening…

Long Term Constipation Can Be Life-Threatening

How to Quickly Heal Constipation Forever

Just the other day I had a man come to me who had terrible constipation and he was taking all kinds of herbs, supplements, over the counter remedies and nothing worked.

And I told this man that his constipation was caused by diet and the only way to heal his constipation was with diet. Yet a lot of people with terrible constipation don’t want to listen to this type of down to earth way of healing constipation… they have a long history of eating a diet that is devastating.

Here are some very serious health challenges that can be caused by long term constipation

1 – Stroke – If not taken care of long term constipation can lead to a stroke… yes, a stroke which can be fatal.

2 – Parkinson’s and MS – If not healing in a short amount of time even Parkinson’s Disease and MS can develop and no one wants to have one of these diseases.

3 – Diabetes – If long term constipation is not addressed soon it can even cause diabetes and the many complications of diabetes.

4 – Megacolon – If not healed quickly constipation can lead to Megacolon where the colon becomes so large that it can’t contract and get rid of fecal matter.

5 – Obstructions – If constipation is not taken seriously it can lead to obstructions of the colon which need surgery.

6 – IBS and Diverticulosis – Constipation can also lead to Irritable Bowel Disease and Diverticulosis which can be devastating.

7 – Anal Fissures – Plus if not healed quickly constipation can cause Anal Fissures, Rectal Prolapse, and Hemorrhoids which are hard to heal and terrible to live with.

8 – Thyroid Disease – If our diet is not changed then constipation can lead to Thyroid Disease and even Hashimoto’s disease.

9 – Weak Abdominal Muscles – And if constipation is not healed in a timely manner it can also lead to Weak Abdominal Muscles which can lead to other health problems.

10 – Cancer – And constipation can also lead to Colon Cancer, Rectal Cancer, and Abdominal Cancer which no one wants… and can be life-threatening.

We Can Heal This – And all these challenges are directly related to constipation and diet. And all of this can be healed with my Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet and feel great again.

Myths We Tell Ourselves – Most people who have constipation of a long history of not eating health sustaining foods. In fact, many of them have made up myths about what they need to eat. And those myths perpetuate their health challenge until their health is threatening.

Awakening is Needed – So people in this situation have to awaken and see that their life needs to change drastically.

Sometimes Counseling is Needed – And sometimes even psychological counseling is needed because people have many long term myths and mental challenges that come from early childhood about going to the bathroom that needs to be addressed.

But if a person follows my Diet and Lifestyle their constipation will disappear in no time at all. But the sooner they start the better before complications set in.

See link to my diet and lifestyle – https://paulhaider.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/the-whole-foods-plant-based-diet-and-life-style/

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist


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