Living With Tolerance & Non-Judgment…

Living With Tolerance & Non-Judgment

Who is in, and who is out… who is included, and who is not… How silly to think this way, to allow ourselves to get swept up in the old customs and social behaviors of “Us” versus “Them.”

We have plenty to manage within our own hearts and minds; our thoughts and feelings can be calm as an ocean breeze or a tempest of storm. An honest understanding of our guiding ideals will help to maintain our peace and break free of judgment. Some find it difficult to free themselves because material things bind them. Finding balance can be difficult, but we have a Divine spark within to assist us. If we can be content with this moment and dwell in these circumstances, then we can nurture our spark and let it shine, Imagine you are adrift on the water, carried slowly by a gentle breeze and current, with water lapping the side of the boat. Life’s never-ending movement equates to constant change, and the sound of gently lapping water is a reminder. – A reminder we should wander our lives with ease, allowing no experience to be excluded or rejected. Continual change is necessary for movement and flow.

Reach out to others. It is surprising how many people are searching in the same way. With this knowledge, determine not to close your eyes before suffering. With compassionate dialogue we find the source of suffering, then with tolerance and loving-kindness, we build brighter tomorrows. For years we have been told that we should put away our differences. We instead strive to change this way of thinking and embrace our differences so we may create a more peaceful and verdant world. As you accept who and where you are in this moment, you also accept who and where everyone on this world is in this moment.

Life has a way of mirroring us; we are within each other, and everyone is part of us. Like a flower petal, each of us is a unique segment of the whole, connected, and yet the same as the next petal. When we accept ourselves we can then accept others, becoming whole, carried slowly by a gentle breeze toward empowering change.

We are human and living here and now. The Truth for this moment requires we are present neither for nor against.

Life is short but it is full of experiences. We tend to judge those experiences as good or bad. All experiences are opportunities for growth; use discernment to understand which are best not to repeat.

Squeeze all the juice out of every experience so you can learn and develop. When things do not go the way you were aiming, look within and find the strength to examine yourself. Take total responsibility, with no blame or denial. Our higher consciousness will shine a light on the issue and provide clarity with Love.

Let us begin to live today without comparisons or judgments because the struggle between good and evil is the earliest disorder of the mind. Failure and success are just judgments we superimpose on our reality. If we are centered and authentic we have no reason to avoid any experience and will have no worries about success or failure.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash
Resubmitted 1/10/19

David Bennett is a contemplative life spokesman, energetic healer, and transformational life coach. Author, of Voyage of Purpose and A Voice as Old as Time.

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David Bennett a contemplative life spokesman, energetic healer, and transformational life coach. Author, of Voyage of Purpose and A Voice…

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