Living In Harmony With The Earth…

Living In Harmony With The Earth

Are you wondering how you can live your best life while also contributing to the good of the planet? Sometimes it seems as though humans tend to harm their surroundings. It is no coincidence that as the global population rises, so do carbon monoxide levels, average temperatures and the damage to plants and animals. There is good news, though: From what you put on your plate to who you put in office, you can make smart choices every day.

For Your Body

What is healthy for you can also be healthy for the planet. Eat fresh, healthy foods with an emphasis on plants, beans and whole grains. A vegan regimen is best. Many used to believe that any type of non-meat diet was a close second. Consuming meat and dairy products dramatically increases your carbon footprint. If going vegan is not for you, base two meals a day on plants; then in the third meal, include meat from animals low on the food chain. Sardines, mussels and scallops are excellent choices.

For optimum nutrition, you may want to supplement your diet with the chlorella superfood. Full of antioxidants, chlorella helps boost your immune system and supports cellular regeneration. When choosing supplements, make sure they are pure, bioavailable and sustainably sourced.

With Your Family

Help sustain a healthy planet by teaching younger generations. Planting trees may be one of the best things you can do. They are essential to the air we breathe. Trees also clean the water, cool the earth and contribute to our happiness. Planting them on your property typically raises your home’s value, and planting them in common areas throughout the neighborhood may even lower the crime rate. Call a local specialist or research online to find which trees grow best in your area, then let your kids choose which ones to plant. Enlist their help with digging holes and watering the saplings.

Start a garden in your backyard, and get your children involved. Even the youngest can help push seeds into the ground and gently water them. Plants that grow quickly or have abundant yields (zucchini, radishes and cherry tomatoes) will keep kids excited about raising their own crops. Plus, nothing tastes quite as good as food grown in your garden.

Inside Your Home

The less energy you can use, the more you help the earth. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, about half of your household power is used for climate control. Cut back on energy use by installing extra insulation and using alternatives for cooling and heating the heavily used spaces in your home. Buy the most efficient appliances you can afford, and replace old light bulbs with LED bulbs. To drastically cut your reliance on fossil fuels, generate your own renewable power with a rooftop solar array or wind turbine.

There are many other earth-friendly practices you can start in your home. Include live plants in your living spaces. Harvest rainwater for irrigation and flushing toilets. Reduce food waste by getting creative with leftovers and packaging food to prevent spoilage. Avoid using disposable items like paper plates, plastic tableware and one-time-use water bottles. When you do use glass, plastic, aluminum or cardboard items, recycle them instead of adding to the landfill. When you shop, spend extra to buy items manufactured from recycled materials. When you can, choose to do business with a B-corporation or other firm that has committed to green practices.

In Your Community

Spearhead eco-friendly projects in your community, such as neighborhood gardens or park clean-up days. Elect officials who have a track record of supporting and funding environmentally sound policies. If there are no such candidates, run for office yourself. If you prefer not to serve, you can still support earth-friendly causes with donations of time, money or expertise. Pressure power companies to build renewable-energy plants such as solar and wind farms. Utilities commissions can encourage responsible power generation by instituting green energy pricing plans or allowing competition for electricity customers.


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