Living In Abundance

We arrive here from Source Energy, or Source, or God, or whatever your mind can wrap your head around. It doesn’t matter what you call it…

We arrive here with the full knowledge that we have unlimited resources always available to us. That’s right, UNLIMITED. However…here is where we get tripped up. You see we begin to hear, see, and experience things that are contrary to that which we KNOW…now this is a knowing that is different than head knowledge or thinking, it is an inner knowing. So, as we begin to experience our new world… seeing, touching, tasting, and hearing…we take on all these different perspectives, all these different takes on so many different subjects along with those of our family members, neighbors, teachers, etc. However, where we have come from and who we ARE…well that never changes…but we begin to forget this…and we also forget that we have unlimited resources available to us at all times. We forget that not only are ALL of our needs met, but ALL of our desires. Yes, you heard me correctly. All of our desires are available to us. The only thing keeping us from everything we desire is that we don’t believe….we have forgotten who we are and forgotten that the Universe is unlimited and available to us at all times. We need only to ask, believe, and wait.


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