Living Beyond Fears – Find Your Lens…

Living Beyond Fears – Find Your Lens

No doubt, there are a lot of things to be insecure about. We are taught certain rules since we are little and then we notice that the rules do not really work, which creates uncertainty and insecurity. You might notice that often people having a rough and independent childhood get creative in adult life, take more chances and do well in life.

A lady once said, that having a fear is a luxury, because when you really need to save your life, you don’t think about the fear.

But look at it from another perspective as well. We all know that our mind is unlimited in the ways it takes some reality and changes it to anything else depending planted subconscious behavior or history, the mood or even hormones. So, imagine how your perception of reality can be perplexed and subjected to so many variables, that at the end you don’t know where you even started. Imagine where this road can lead you. And now imagine if you want to walk that road and be at that destination.

When you really ponder upon that, it becomes a simple reality. So simple, that you can see clearly where you truly want to be because of who you truly are. The moment you start seeking and seeing the essence, you perspective changes and eventually, you become happy. Because only living who you are can make you happy in every moment you are living, every detail you see. Because when you are using the right filter, you are seeing the right color. Pick your lens, live the life you came to live. Start with seeing beyond your fear.


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