Live Your Dream – Attracting Abundance With E.F.T.…

Live Your Dream – Attracting Abundance With E.F.T.

Have you ever tried living your dream? Or perhaps you

have a dream that seems completely unreachable?

Or maybe your life feels like a nightmare where

dreams don’t exist? Before I woke up spiritually, so to speak,

and became a certified Law of Attraction Coach, my life wasn’t

exactly satisfying. I was stuck in my own lonely and miserable

world that was like the ultimate nightmare I could conjure

for myself. In fact, it became so intense that it forced me to

open my eyes and see the bigger picture. I finally realized that

both nightmares and dreams are entirely self-created, and my

awakening allowed me to choose exactly what sort of dream I

wanted to live.

My career took a massive correction in 2014 when I decided

to leave the corporate world for good. To be honest, I never

knew what I wanted to do after high school and ended up

completing a degree in Accounting in order to secure my future.

The succeeding twelve years as an accountant and financial

advisor provided me with almost no job satisfaction and an

extremely volatile commission-based income. It was only once I

completely let go of my painful past that I truly started thriving —not just surviving.

I began attracting an abundant life of passion, including my

ability to use and teach the Emotional Freedom Technique

(E.F.T.). My suffering was a portal to self-realization—that my

past was just an unhappy memory and a bundle of thoughts that

I clung to and nothing more. Happy memories are wonderful

to have; however, when we completely identify ourselves with

our past, we can never fully appreciate life, which is always

happening NOW. Similarly, the future is an illusion consisting

of thought forms the mind creates and is the underlying cause

for so much stress in our lives. The present moment is normally

completely overlooked as a means to an end.

Our mind, also known as our Ego, always needs to achieve some

future goal in order to feel satisfied. However, that satisfaction

is always short-lived. Soon, something else is required to

experience any sense of fulfillment. Our so-called happiness

is fleeting, whereas real and eternal joy can only be found in

the present moment. Everything occurs in the ‘Now’ and we

are able to access that permanent joy at any moment. Living in

the present is a wonderful gift because life itself is always now,

and we are an expression of that life. Eckhart Tolle, the famous

author, once said, “You are not separate from the whole. You are

one with the sun, the earth, the air. You don’t have a life. You are

life.” I totally agree with this statement because it’s a perfect and

beautiful summation of how I feel since transforming my own

life. It also reaffirms my faith in life itself, rather than trusting

my own illusory self, or me and ‘my life’.

The foundation of my E.F.T. coaching is based on the universal

‘Law of Attraction’. Since this law represents one of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, I’ve written a brief summary explaining

how the other six Laws intrinsically accompany it. Essentially,

it is a logical interpretation of how all of these powerful laws

interrelate and affect one another as well as our own daily lives.

7 Essential Laws of Success

Are you worthy to be wealthy? I. The Law of Pure Potentiality

Ever since we were young, the subject of wealth has largely been

looked at from an extremely negative perspective—mostly as a

result of social conditioning. It was the cause of so much stress

in my life and led me to believe that money was incredibly

difficult to make. I was repeatedly told “It doesn’t grow on

trees,” “Money is the root of all evil,” and “Working really hard

is the only way.” After hearing this throughout my childhood,

retirement seemed like that paradise where one could finally rest

by attaining outright fulfillment, which often never arrives. On

the other hand, as I proved to myself, if you are open-minded

and are aware that you have the potential and ability to achieve

anything, including an abundant life, then that is exactly what

you will attract. A phrase I love to share while coaching is “You

are Pure Potential by Nature.” Worthiness is our birthright,

yet most human beings are absolutely convinced that it is

something we have to earn. The well-known cyclist phrase, a

sport renowned for its suffering, is a befitting illustration—the

winner is the one who suffers the most.

Are you mindful of your emotions? II. The Law of Attraction

This law is fundamental to my coaching practice, and it transformed

my life once I realized that it affects every single one of us, regardless of our beliefs. If we are feeling negative emotions,

we draw in and experience negativity. If we are feeling positive

emotions, we draw in and experience positive life experiences.

We can attract only those qualities we possess. This confirms

the age-old proverb, “You reap what you sow.” While I was a

financial advisor with no salary, there was immense pressure for

me to find new clients to generate a steady income. I lived in a

state of perpetual anxiety and was trapped in my own stressful

world. I finally realized if I wanted to experience freedom and joy

in my life, I must feel that freedom and joy throbbing through

my veins here and now. By living in the present moment, I enjoy

and appreciate my life every single moment. This is also true

regarding abundance. If you are optimistic and ‘view the glass

half full’, you will attract an abundant life.

The term ‘abundance’ is often associated purely with wealth;

however, money will never buy you happiness. Abundance

should firstly be perceived and experienced as pure limitless

joy by itself. This is why I first guide people to let go of all past

financial trauma and related suffering. Once they are free from

deeply ingrained negativity, abundance in all forms can begin

to flow into their lives.

Can you achieve anything you desire? III. The Law of

Deliberate Creation

Our thoughts create many of our emotions—both wanted and

unwanted—and those emotions trigger the Law of Attraction

into action. Conscious or aware thought, on the other hand,

will invariably produce positive emotions and will always attract

that which you seek. In other words, when you give thought

to something you desire with an innate belief, you are in an optimal place to receive it. Therefore, you can achieve anything

you want only if you truly believe that you can do it. For

example, I only attracted success after letting go of all my doubt

caused by past pain I accumulated throughout my corporate

career, including the outrageous belief that my self-fulfillment

was only achievable through endless struggle and toil.

So, how is this different from the Law of Attraction?

The difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law

of Deliberate Creation is that the Law of Attraction is like a

boomerang. Everything in our universe, including our bodies, is

a form of energy. Our human emotions directly influence what

level of energy vibrations we emit, which will determine exactly

what we attract to us. The Law of Deliberate Creation is offering

a vibration consciously and no longer creating by default.

Unless we are aware of these laws, we are offering a vibration

unknowingly or unconsciously. It explains why pessimistic

people continuously attract negativity. They constantly suffer

and are unaware that they are doing it to themselves. My

prolonged suffering inspired me to coach others to become

aware of this phenomenon and transform their lives.

You can create limitless abundance if you believe that you can

do it. However, in order to truly believe anything, you need

to feel positive about it right here and now. You must live in a

state of optimism as though you’ve already achieved your goal.

Otherwise, you will continuously rely on reaching that goal to

find lasting joy or satisfaction.

Are you attached to your possessions? IV. The Law of


 The Law of Detachment says, “In order to acquire anything in

the physical Universe, you have to relinquish your attachment

to it.” You shouldn’t have to achieve or acquire anything to give

yourself a sense of fulfillment or completeness. This should not

discourage you from being creative or no longer desire what you

want to create. It means that you no longer identify yourself

with it.

While I was still a wealth manager—striving to generate

commission from new and existing clients—I was completely

attached and identified with this endeavor. I spent almost every

hour of every day worrying about it. This law simply taught

me that to create abundance, I needed to detach myself from

it. After I started coaching and living my passion, wealth was

never an issue again. Besides needing money to survive, I never

required it anymore in my life to find fulfillment. In fact, I

began attracting a continuous stream of decent income soon

after relinquishing my attachment to it.

Once you accept the way things are regardless of your wealth,

you are detached from it and will feel a sense of freedom and

relief. These positive emotions will become more familiar and

soon become your normal experience over time. You will only

stop worrying about your possessions once you detach yourself

from them and consequently transcend any neediness.

Are you living in a state of allowing and acceptance, or, in a state

of resistance? V. The Law of Allowing/Acceptance

This is the principle of least action and no resistance. Once you

are accepting and allowing life to unfold, you are ‘going with

the flow.’ I love using the analogy of ‘life is a river’ because it

perfectly depicted my own journey as well. Instead of relentlessly paddling upstream to achieve one definitive goal, simply turn

the boat around. Start appreciating the beautiful surroundings

by becoming one with the stream, and enjoy the entire sojourn

by floating effortlessly down toward the sea. Just as a river is

destined to reach the vast ocean, so are we destined to return

home to eternity. By applying the Law of Allowing, I naturally

attracted absolute freedom and tranquility into my life.

This powerful law allows us to feel free in our relationships to be

who we are; feel free in our career to do what we want; and feel

free in our lives to create whatever we desire. There are two ways

to apply this law. Firstly, accept others by allowing them to be

as they are. Secondly, accept who we are by allowing ourselves

to receive that which we truly desire. Life no longer feels like

an uphill struggle because we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves

to be who we really are. This means we no longer pretend to

be someone we’re not. Assuming various identities or playing

different roles is simply a desire to argue with, or, resist what

is. Shifting to our positive authentic selves allows life to be a

wondrously sincere experience.

Are you giving without expectations? VI. The Law of Giving

& Receiving

Applying the Law of Giving & Receiving is a natural desire after

allowing yourself to become completely free. Appreciation and

love, through alignment with the source, is the ultimate giving

back. When we live a life of pain and struggle, we have nothing

to give back. While I struggled relentlessly for so many years in

the corporate world, my life was absent from all joy and peace.

Essentially, I had nothing of value to offer because I was living

an exact replication of what I was giving. I discovered that

nothing could be more fair than life as you are living it. For as you are thinking, you feel and vibrate; and as you vibrate,

so shall you attract. The powerful Law of Attraction confirms

this, so you are getting back the essence of what you are giving.

Today, feel free to give whomever you encounter a gift, e.g., a

compliment, a ‘thank you’, or just about anything. At the same

time, receive gifts gratefully. Keep circulating wealth by giving

and receiving care, affection, appreciation, and love. When you

give without expectations, you will receive without limitations.

You are giving without needing or seeking any reward from

your action, and this attracts endless abundance into your life.

It is the Law.

What is the purpose of your life? VII. The Law of Purpose

Finally, you seek your higher Self. Do not continue living without

honoring the vocation your soul is calling you to pursue. Use

your intuition, or gut feeling, to discover your unique talents

and true passion in life. Ask yourself how you are best suited to

serve humanity. In my case, I stopped following my head and

began following my heart, i.e., I let go of my mental or egoic

desire to achieve so-called ‘success’ and instead allowed my true

sense of Self to guide me towards my life purpose.

Using your unique talents and serving others brings unlimited

bliss and abundance. This basically means that your priority

in life is to awaken, also referred to as Self-Realisation. Once

you find your authentic Self, you are living an optimal life

for you and everyone else! To experience your natural state

of well-being, self-acceptance is essential. This firstly requires

acceptance, rather than resistance, of the present moment,

including yourself and your current life situation.

A prevailing lesson to take away from these 7 Essential Laws of

Success is to accept the ‘Isness’ of your present situation at this

moment to gain any clarity or direction in life. Eckhart Tolle’s

following quote also highlights the importance of ‘Acceptance.’

He says, “When you complain, you make yourself a victim.

Leave the situation, change the situation or accept it. All else

is madness.”

Accepting the “Isness” of This Moment

Life is always experienced as the present moment. Our life

situation ‘is as it is’ right now. Yet, countless people live in

a habitual state of discontent and constantly complain about

their life. This means they are resisting what is because they

believe that true happiness and eventual fulfillment will only be

found sometime in the future. However, the future doesn’t exist

because it cannot be experienced. It’s a mythical thought form

in the head. When the future arrives, it can only be experienced

as the present moment.

What could be more ludicrous than denying or not accepting

one’s present life situation when the present moment is all there

ever is. If we truly believe and associate real happiness with

some future goal achievement, we spend almost our entire life

missing out on the joys and wonders of life itself, which can

only be experienced now. Therefore, acceptance of ‘what is’ is

a fundamental step toward a peaceful life. Resisting, or nonacceptance,

of what is will always lead to continual pain and


My life story epitomizes how essential this concept is. Since the

age of ten, I started living in my own abysmal world of anxiety.

I even began experiencing mild blackouts and was consequently diagnosed

with epilepsy. My entire identity embodied this

cruel image of myself. Instead of accepting my situation, I took

pleasure in resisting it by convincing myself I was terminally

afflicted for life. What I resisted, therefore, persisted. In fact, this

resistance amplified my suffering, including regular seizures, to

such an extent that by the age of thirty-four, I could no longer

live with myself. I finally realized that ‘myself’ was an entirely

fictitious identity I had created of ‘poor little me.’ My acceptance

of this reality provided my own liberation and transformed my

life. All my so-called burdens were transmuted into wonderful


Non-acceptance of What Is: A Real-life example

Let’s consider the current state of the US economy as an example

of non-acceptance of what is. It’s still the largest economy in

the world according to its GDP. However, if you delve a little

deeper, you’ll be shocked to discover that over the past several

decades, US national debt levels have soared thrice its annual

GDP. This means that the country’s monetary borrowing and

expenditure far outweigh its capacity to pay it back. It’s also the

reason why it has been able to boost and maintain its status as

the global ‘Super Power’, in terms of its economy as well as its

military strength, for so long. An economic collapse is highly

likely because you cannot continually borrow more and more

money without paying it back and not face the consequences.

I believe the core reason why the US has found itself in this

predicament is because of its non- acceptance of the bare facts.

Obstinate and indefinite over-borrowing is destined for a dire

ending, and both the Government and Federal Reserve have

successfully covered up this debt issue for a long time. Many

Americans have also been socially conditioned to believe that the accumulation

of large debt from excessive use of their credit

cards is perfectly acceptable. This leads to overspending, which

can become addictive because it allows you to live beyond your

means. Indebted people then become even more reliant on

borrowed money so they can continue spending it lavishly. They

believe that money can buy them happiness, which it certainly

can’t. Happiness derived from material things is superficial. It’s

a fleeting happiness—not a pure inner joy that is unaffected by

one’s possessions.

Inner acceptance brings peace. Once you accept your life

situation for what it is, a huge sense of relief arises within you

because you’re no longer resisting the truth and intentionally

deceiving yourself. The power of acceptance applies to any life

issue or situation. It provides the foundation for all joyful and

successful endeavors. This is why the ‘Law Of Acceptance’ is

included as one of the Seven Essential Spiritual Laws of Success.

Life’s so-called problems are then viewed from a more positive

perspective and are called challenges.

Life is full of challenges. Even those resulting from personal

devastation are incredibly valuable learning experiences. I avoid

using the word ‘problem’ because it has negative connotations.

All problems are created by the mind, whereas challenges are

wonderful opportunities to express ourselves and evolve as

beings. I experienced a life-altering challenge five years ago while

I was a financial advisor. I was earning a solely commissionbased

income by selling various alternative investments, and

I faced a stark reality. I had to either increase my sales or be

forced to resign and start a whole new career, preferably one

with a stable income. My entire wealth management career was

hanging by a thin thread, and I felt doomed to fail. Sure enough, this challenge

rocked me to the core. After several more fruitless months, I had no choice but

to leave.

It was a harrowing experience. Nonetheless, I soon accepted

my situation and was immediately consumed by a huge sense

of relief. I realized that my greatest challenge in life had also

become my greatest teacher. Instead of labeling myself and my

situation as a ‘failure,’ I saw it as a massive opportunity. I felt

free for the first time in my life because I let go of everything

from my past. I had no job, yet I had no worries. My acceptance

was my bridge to the non-physical source of energy, or pure

consciousness, which was a revelation for me. Life then started

working in my favor to pursue my passion and build my own

coaching business. I had finally allowed myself to tap into my

natural state of well-being.

It’s also essential to understand that acceptance of ‘what is’

doesn’t mean that you should continue to tolerate a painful

situation or dwell in some form of suffering. It means that you

accept, rather than resist, your current situation. This allows you

to take appropriate action if required, because you have risen

above your mind’s judgmental labeling of everything. A painful

situation often leads to further suffering because your mind

believes it needs to continue doing something and suffers more

to overcome its problems. The illusory future is where its only

salvation lies; however, this can never manifest because your

mind lives in a continuous state of denial or non-acceptance of

what is in this moment. Once you let go of the painful past and

the need for a fulfilling future, your suffering is no longer seen

as a threat—but a blessing only visible in the present moment.

Suffering is a wonderful teacher. Ironically, it is actually a

blessing and often a person’s only spiritual teacher. If I had

not suffered, I would not have written this chapter and built my coaching

business. Most people believe that life requires

great effort, from start to finish, to achieve their final goal of

self-fulfillment—normally in the form of a happy retirement.

I’m not denying that it can be extremely challenging at times;

however, believing that eventual success is a reward requiring a

lifetime of struggle, toil, and turmoil is absurd. This makes the

entire journey an arduous and painful experience for various


Firstly, the pressure to pursue and reach this final goal continues

to mount and is rarely achieved as intended. A tranquil

retirement often never arrives. Yet people wear their life’s scars

like a badge of honor with immense pride. For instance, I clung

to my endless suffering and it became an integral part of my


Secondly, living with the intention of pursuing some fictitious

idyllic future is completely nonsensical. I spent a large part of

my life striving for my future success, which didn’t exist except

as a surreal thought of some form of utopia in my mind. But

the future doesn’t exist. It never arrives because life can only be

experienced now as the present moment.

Finally, the present moment is treated as a means to an end and

is hardly even noticed by many people. My need to find future

fulfillment remained at the top of my life’s agenda for years, and

I almost completely overlooked ‘the Now’. But life is never not

now. It’s all there ever is.

My protracted suffering became a blessing in disguise. It lead

to my salvation once I realized that all things happen for a

reason. My mistakes helped me evolve as an individual and all the pain I

previously suffered provided a portal to celestial bliss. It taught me that regret

serves no useful purpose, because

it denies how each and every life experience plays a vital role to

help awaken and transform ourselves. In truth, we can never get

it wrong because our world of polarities exists as a means for us

to become consciously aware and realize who we really are—

extensions of pure positive energy. Excessive use of the word

‘wrong’ is pessimistic and is normally judgmental. It originates

from an emotional state of compunction or superiority, i.e.,

from our ego or false sense of self. Alternatively, once the glass

is seen as half full, all events are viewed from an optimistic

perspective and life is not so threatening anymore. Our little

scruples and unpleasantries begin to dissolve, and they are no

longer that unpleasant anymore.

Serenity does not have to be an idealistic thought formed in the

head or come at the cost of one’s own inner peace. It can become

a reality in our daily lives. Why wait until a ripe old age to

reward ourselves with our lifelong goal of serenity when we have

the power to access it right now. This beautiful phrase from the

Bible, as quoted by the Lord, provides an apt summation: “The

kingdom of heaven does not come with signs to be perceived.”

Once fear is transcended, eternal love remains.

FEAR is an acronym for Feeling Excited And Ready. Once

you view it from a positive perspective, it is transformed from a

negative emotion to a positive emotion. We begin to realize that

all negative emotions are fear-based and created by our ego or

false self. Fear is the polar opposite of love and is an emotion that

is self-created by our negative thoughts produced by our Ego.

However, it can be used as a friendly reminder to stop thinking

and become still and totally present here and now. Fear cannot

survive in the present moment—the only moment there is. In fact, the Ego

finds stillness quite indigestible because our mind

is no longer operating to conjure up negativity. Stillness awakens

us to become aware of our true ‘higher selves’ as Eternal Beings

of Unconditional Love. Our awareness confirms that we’re an

integral part of the one life or ‘consciousness.’

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is a spiritual term used to describe how aware

we are of our true higher selves. Awareness is another word

that can help explain how we, as eternal beings, are inseparably

connected to Source Energy or the One Life. God is another

term frequently used, especially by many religions, although it

is often misinterpreted and misunderstood as a separate being

or entity. These are all different ways of attempting to portray

our origin and true nature, which is actually ineffable. It can

only be experienced for oneself in the present moment, the only

moment there ever is. This ‘Presence’, a form of consciousness,

is the infinite non-physical energy underlying everything in

our finite, physical Universe, without which nothing would

exist. It is also the source of pure unconditional love and greater

intelligence, which is eternal.

Energy is constantly vibrating at certain frequencies, depending

on various factors and conditions. In fact, our human emotions

also influence and determine what frequency we as physical

beings are vibrating at. This is an extremely powerful concept to

grasp because it allows us to live consciously and be aware of how

our feelings are affecting our energy levels and quality of life at

any given moment. It has also been proven that positive emotions

vibrate at much higher frequencies than negative emotions.

World-renowned best-selling author Dr. David R. Hawkins

published a book called Power vs. Force, and it explains how a ‘Scale of

Consciousness’ he created uses Applied Kinesiology

to test the vibrational frequency of different emotions. He was

able to successfully prove how, on a logarithmic scale, high

vibrations (+ve emotions) counterbalance low vibrations (-ve

emotions) exponentially.

The Scale of Consciousness is based on a log scale of 1–1000 and

depicts how an Expanded Consciousness, consisting of purely

positive emotions, is far more powerful than a Contracted

Consciousness, which includes all negative emotions. Because

the scale of power advances logarithmically, higher levels of

emotion far outweigh and counterbalance lower-level vibrations.

He was able to calculate the critical consciousness level at

200. He determined that the emotion of Courage represents

this ‘tipping point’ between manifesting a life of passion and

meaning, rather than merely living a life of survival. Most

humans live unconsciously in a survival mode because their

emotions are generally negative and fear-based, falling below

the critical level of 200, i.e., they are either bored, just getting

by, or suffering more extensively.

For most of my life prior to becoming a coach, I suffered from

extreme negative emotions, including guilt and shame. In fact,

these two represent the lowest levels and most harmful forms

of all emotions according to the Scale of Consciousness. I was

constantly plagued by intense feelings of blame and humiliation,

and my life view was both evil and miserable. My eventual

acceptance and acknowledgment of my unhappiness are what

transformed my life. Instead of merely surviving, I began

enjoying life and started thriving. I finally had the courage to

let go of my painful past, which was critical and instrumental

toward the process of my empowerment. It was my turning

point from living in a predominant state of fear to one of love.

Human consciousness is also expanding more rapidly now than

ever before, so people are spiritually waking up and realizing that

we don’t face reality, but we create our own reality. The universal

Law of Attraction is then able to work in our favor because we’re

living consciously and deliberately manifesting what we truly

desire in life. Once our overall level of consciousness calibrates

at over 200, true freedom can be enjoyed and experienced for

the first time because we’re no longer imprisoned in the negative

mindset of our Ego—our false sense of self. Life starts working

in our favor, rather than against us, when we have the courage

to let go of our painful past.

The fact that we’re all extensions of source energy in the physical

world means there are no limits to what we can actually

achieve—it’s in our nature. A fundamental requirement for

attracting great things depends on whether we are in alignment

with source energy and our higher selves or with our egos

(fictitious selves). It’s important to have a desire or goal to work

toward; however, it is completely meaningless if you’re not

allowing yourself to experience the goodness of that fulfillment

now. The Universe doesn’t care what thoughts or wants you may

have, it only responds to what vibration you are emitting, i.e.,

the Law of Attraction will always prevail and manifest whatever

you choose on a vibrational level. It’s as simple as that. All that

exists is universal well-being in all its abundance—which we are

either allowing or resisting, i.e., we’re letting that well-being in

or we’re keeping it out.

Practicing good thoughts will stop resistance to our own well-being.

A flood of positive ideas and possibilities come our way

once we’re aligned with our true power. I personally practice

basic mindfulness of what I’m thinking and feeling at any given

moment. It’s a technique that I’ve assimilated as part of my daily routine.

Life constantly astounds me with synchronicities

as though I were creating my own luck. I’m able to experience

all of my desires, not through struggle, but through my ease

of letting go of past pain. Social conditioning equates great

outcomes with long hard work, which is untrue. Abundance is

our birthright and all that’s required is an inner belief that this

is so. Life then becomes easier as well as more enjoyable. In fact,

absolute freedom can only be appreciated when we’re no longer

ruled by our thoughts and our emotions. It’s why my passion

is teaching the holistic technique called E.F.T., which literally

frees us from our negative emotions by tapping into our innate


Attracting Abundance with the Emotional Freedom

Technique (E.F.T.)

Since our human emotions control our energy levels, it’s vital

that we learn how to control our emotions. In other words,

freeing ourselves from negative emotions is imperative to allow

our bodies’ energy meridians to remain unblocked and free-flowing.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.), also

known as ‘Tapping’, is an emotional needle-free version of

acupuncture called acupressure. It has become an increasingly

popular holistic process used for this very purpose. It is based on

new discoveries regarding the connection between our body’s

subtle energies, our emotions, and our health. E.F.T. has been

reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range

of emotional, health, and performance issues. It often works

where nothing else does.

Negative beliefs and social conditioning (i.e., our thoughts)

regarding anything will create negative emotions and block

our body’s energy meridians. Once this blocked energy has been freed via

Tapping, the powerful Law of Attraction will

begin to transform our life by responding to our predominantly

positive emotions. Therefore, E.F.T. allows us to deliberately

create our reality, rather than just face it. The incredible lifetransforming

results I’ve witnessed, including my own, is what

inspired me to teach it to others and also choose the following

affirmation for my coaching practice: “We don’t face reality,

we create our own reality.” In fact, I started ‘walking my talk’

soon after my life began to turnaround, and it wasn’t merely a

coincidence, it was perfect timing. By grasping this concept and

practicing E.F.T., I literally ‘Tapped Into my own Well-Being’ to

manifest a life of abundance. Tapping Into Well-Being literally

means accessing our natural state of wellness, which we’re either

allowing or disallowing into our lives. Nature epitomizes this

fact by observing how it constantly thrives in its natural state of

well-being—flowing abundantly and unrestricted.

E.F.T. is based on the same meridian points used in traditional

acupuncture, an ancient practice used for over five-thousand

years to treat physical and emotional ailments, but without the

needles! Instead, tapping with our fingertips on certain pressure

points is used to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians in

our body while we think about a specific problem. Many people

have difficulty comprehending why you first need to accept the

negative issue before pursuing positivity with affirmations and

meditation. However, a light must shine on the darkness in

order to solve the mystery—a fear, a worry, a physical pain or

illness, an unresolved problem, etc. Until we acknowledge and

deal with the negative issue, it will never be fully resolved and

will continue to rear its ugly head, regardless of how positive we

are. E.F.T. is therefore not only a powerful healer but also an

extraordinary teacher. Tapping on these meridian points while

focusing on the past negative belief and associated emotion

engages both the brain’s limbic system and the body’s energy

system and encourages a sense of safety and resolution.

As the science of epigenetics is proving, when we change our

internal environment (emotions, beliefs, etc.), we allow external

changes in our physical life circumstances to emerge. It explains

why our beliefs and thoughts, which affect our emotions, have

such a significant impact on our physical environment. This

includes our health and the amount of abundance we attract. We

can only attract a life of true success, abundance, and prosperity

if we sincerely believe and feel this is possible. It’s for this reason

that I offer a ‘Tapping Into Wealth’ course focusing entirely

on abundance. ( I teach

people to literally tap into their natural state of well-being,

specifically shifting and reprogramming old beliefs regarding

abundance to start living a more joyful and prosperous life that

is both desired and deserved.

Life is Extraordinary

Life is truly extraordinary, or it’s rather ordinary, depending on

our perspective. In other words, life is an opportunity to thrive,

or it’s a journey to merely survive. These represent two typical

human beliefs. We should often ask ourselves this fundamental

question: Do I want to thrive, or do I only want to survive?

Most people also think of life as something they have or is

‘theirs.’ We are both socially and collectively conditioned to

fear, from a young age, and believe that our lives are vulnerable

and affected by external events or other people. This belief

or mindset denies the fact that our mind can be a wonderful

tool and reliable servant, but it can also be an ignorant and dangerous master.

We are completely identified with almost

every negative thought, which creates a life of stress and anxiety.

Consequently, our minds are heavily influenced and no longer

serve us beneficially. We basically become servants of the

external world. However, life is not something we have or can

claim ownership of because it isn’t a thing and it doesn’t belong

to us. WE ARE LIFE.

Once I realized this for myself, an inter-connectedness, love,

and appreciation for everything arose within me. My new

belief, or knowing, transformed my entire view of life as well

as my personal experience of it. Instead of feeling threatened

and needing to protect myself, a deep inner peace constantly

reminds me that I’m always connected and inseparable from

the one eternal Life/Source/Consciousness. I no longer need

to do anything in my life to feel fulfilled because I’m already

a beautiful expression of life itself! In other words, peace is

not something I need to search for because it’s essentially

my true nature. That blissful state is accessible to me at any

given moment. I frequently use the following affirmations for

inspiration: “Life is not a struggle, it’s a blessing,” “Simply be

yourself, no excessive doing is required,” and “You can only be

free in this world, if you are free of this world.”

I love to help and guide others by quoting the inspiring phrase

“We don’t face reality, we create our own reality.” It reminds me

of how I transformed my own life. Initially, by ‘facing reality,’

I allowed myself to live life in my own hell. Once I reached an

ultimate low point, I realized how nothing could be more insane

than living in an illusory hell and being my own worst enemy.

It awakened and inspired me to begin ‘creating my own reality,’

and I finally experienced heaven, our eternal home, for myself. I am now living

my divine life purpose by teaching others how they can do the same.


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