Live, Laugh, Love

It is oftentimes difficult to get up and face the day with all its daunting challenges and uncertainties, especially when you neither have the energy nor the motivation to be at your best. And now even moreso in these trying times during a pandemic.

I always remind myself that this too shall pass. Though we live in depressing times, that drain our energies and puts doubt and fear into our hearts and minds, we need to be ever mindful that life is still full of positives.

Focus on giving out positive energy and vibrations to people and places around you. Breathe slowly, mindfully and repeat I am alive, here and now, in this moment. Be grateful for what you have for things can always be worse. The lyrics of a famous calypso comes to mind: “Never ever worry , don’t mind how things looking bad, granny tell me never ever worry, don’t mind how things getting hard, always consider somebody suffering more than you.”

Be positive, stay positive. Abide by the mantra live, laugh, love. You have so much to live for, stay in this world and do your karma. Live for the things that make you happy. For me it’s the simple things: the warmth of the sun on my skin (I do get lots of sunshine being a Caribbean girl and all), the smell of the salty sea air (another perk of being an island girl), the smiles on my children’s faces and so many other countless blessings that we usually take for granted because of their simplicity.

Love the life that you have. You are unique and wonderfully made, highly favoured and blessed. Love the people you have encountered in your life, good or bad, for each one you met taught you a valuable lesson. Their purpose in your life was not a coincidence but a predestined one. Love with all your heart, just as the Father loves you. You may not be perfect, but you are His creation and that makes you special.

Lastly laugh. After all, the experts say laughter is the best medicine. Nothing feels better when you are happy and laughing. It relaxes all the muscles in your body and relieves the stresses of everyday life. Give thanks and praise for your journey thus far. The road may be long and narrow but you will eventually reach your destination. Remember to do it at your own timing and pace, it’s not the swift that wins the race. Stay focused and determined my friends, whatever you are facing, this too shall pass.

Peace, happiness and love unto you.


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