Light Work, The Start Begins Within…

Light Work, The Start Begins Within

Allow my inner strengths to shine through

I will begin to understand things

I never thought I knew, but do.

Then all things will appear

Both shiny and new.

Allow myself to let go of the past,

There is a reason why it didn’t last.

My thoughts are now clear,

Uncluttered, I’m free at last!

Allow love to flow within,

Always remember

That broken hearts

Were meant to mend.

Good fortune and health,

The Heavens will send,

Not to just one

But to all men.

The fire is always burning,

The passion found inside,

Will forever have my mind turning,

This will be a forever path of learning!

The wisdom and insight I receive,

Will always bring more

Than the eye can perceive.

Allow it to flow,

What we reap

Is what we sow.

Always hold on to yourself

And never let go!


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