Letters To Lelia

We are in life for just a while between time and eternity with no navigational instruments, no sextant and no chart, we live in context.

There isn’t a specific challenge to overcome during our lifetimes, no strongly recommended way to spend our days, no predetermined fate, free arbiter at work.

It is our privileged duty to choose from every tempting possibility the ones that fashion happiness and loosen the binds that imprison our souls with misery and suffering.

We are only responsible to leave our corner of the world a little better than we found it, that’s all, no epic endeavor, no sacrifice, no heroic mission.

With tiny chisels we shape history in infinitely many ways unwittingly chipping away the bulk of nothingness to reveal time lines and events.

It is of our ambitions, wishes, prayers, needs, hopes and curiosity that the quilt of humanity is patiently woven, dazzling us with brighter and brighter hues as we advance in wisdom.

Worry sometimes gnaws at it darkening its patterns, staining it with fear. There is no monster under the bed, no impending doom, we are all free in the sight of God, the sky is open and we are loved.


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