Let’s Envision A World Where War Is Antiquated…

Let’s Envision A World Where War Is Antiquated

The time has come for our world to envision the end of war… war has become antiquated.

Here is what we need to do:

1 – Whenever we have a difference of opinion we will sit down and talk things out and come to agreements which are beneficial to both parties.

2 – We will abide by arbitration and know that the highest law of the land is love. If the final outcome is not loving and kind to both parties… we have to rework the whole process.

3 – We see God, The Universe, and Great Spirit in everyone. And in all that exists in the Cosmos… thus it’s impossible for us to want to destroy that which is Great Spirit.

4 – At this point, we see that money is not for our highest good and greatest joy. Love has taken over… and we now work from a standard of love instead of seeing everything through the eyes of the oh mighty dollar.

5 – We know that all people want to live in peace, it’s just large groups of greedy people who want to keep suffering going. So we don’t give in… we keep moving forward with peace despite what some groups may do or say.

6 – With great perseverance, we keep moving forward with love as our armor and not allowing the slings and arrows of those who want anything else to make us falter from our path.

We Can and Will Do This!

This is the World of Great Spirit and We Must Move Forward.

We Don’t Have a Choice.

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