Let The Consciousness Of Your Business Be Your Guide…

Let The Consciousness Of Your Business Be Your Guide

I spend a lot of time talking with the consciousness of my work and my business. And, if you are a soul-prenuer, I can’t say enough how learning to spend time chatting with your business and work can change you… and what you do.

When I talk about communicating with my business and my work for guidance, what often strikes people the most is that I have a relationship with these energies.

It’s true. I feel as though I have a long-term, loving relationship with “who” I know my work and biz to be. They guide me daily in my decision-making and the healing needed for me to be able to do my work with clarity.

The consciousness of my “work” has one voice and purpose, and the consciousness of my “business” has another.

Two very distinct energies and directives. But they work together.

And when it comes to your healing or coaching business, truly understanding their roles and how they work together for you is important.

One of the more profound thoughts that came out of my business one day was that its job was to be a channel for my work to be expressed.

I mean, think about that for a minute. You sit down and engage in a conversation with the consciousness of your business, and it tells you things that create these big “Oh, now I get it” moments for you.

How awesome is that?!

My business said, “I am a channel to allow the work to flow. We talk about ‘the work’.”

That changed me. Because with that insight came a download of images and feelings and sensations that got me to see how all my pushing and doing and jumping to some final destination to “get” clients or “get” classes filled was a waste of time for me.

I needed to create channels. That was it. Channels to express what my work was. What my work wanted to share that day.

That conversation changed how I approached my business.

It freed up a great deal of energy. And in those moments when I start to fear and I think I better get “getting,” I stop and remember what I really need to do is create more channels of expression, of thought and insight.

And that works for me.

So much of my work is about helping you figure out what works for you; how to understand what you’re doing and how you can do it in ways that truly resonate with you. Cuz we all do it differently. We all have our ways.

When you understand what it is that you are expressing at the deepest level through what you do, how that wants to flow, and how that fits in with who you are and how you best live your life, it’s magical.

The consciousness that your business and work hold, knows these things.

I’m guessing your “work” and “business” have a whole lot of insight for you. What if you sat down and had a chat? What might you learn?


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Stacy Vajta


Stacy Vajta is a business clarity guide. She helps healers, coaches and creatives find themselves – and their voice –…

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