Leo Season 2020 Astrological Forecast July 22 – August 22, 2020…

Leo Season 2020 Astrological Forecast July 22 – August 22, 2020

Be Your SELF. – @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

During Leo season, the Sun transits through the sign it rules over. There is a lot of energy pushing through the stars and into our world. How we use it is up to us! The message this year is to just be your SELF.

There is a lot of harmony available throughout the Leo season, but we need to make sure that we are staying in our own lane, respecting boundaries. Our own and others. The lessons from Cancer season become the protocol for Leo season this year. Due to the overly generous nature of Leo, it can sometimes disguise its need for control as “help”. The Leo within us just wants love and can sometimes go to desperate measures to get it (or pretend it doesn’t want it).

Let me explain….

Leo patterns are very exaggerated and animated when it comes to sharing itself with others. This is a great quality when it comes to love and friendship! Leo can also be the most authentically self-important archetype in the Zodiac. So watch out for sincerely self-important patterns coming up from within and around you.

What is “sincere self-importance”, you ask?

Well, it’s an extreme case of meddling actually.

It’s a pattern that wants to dive into a situation and “fix it”. Sometimes, the Leo archetype thinks it’s “God” and can just wave a magical wand and make everything go away. Well, of course, this is a great potential, but in most cases, it’s not the case. Sincere self-importance can come off as patronizing and “kind”. “I am doing this for you” is one of its mantras, when really, nothing needs to be done.

I really want to emphasize the importance of wellness and taking it easy. Most of the time the best way to advance in the material world is by going within. We are in a cosmic hot zone throughout Leo so please don’t push too hard. Find the balance. Thank Leo, sorry I mean thank God, that we have the sun meditation to help keep that under control throughout the entire Leo season as this is really a powerful transit for self-expression and burning out depression.

Leo will ask us to take care of our heart, spine, and specific minerals. “I act from the wisdom of my heart” is what we say when we do the Leo exercise from my Vessel Building App. Check out the in-app subscription to get a deeper insight into the archetypes of the day within the app. You can also use the Leo Essential Oil or the Leo Phone Wallpaper, which is designed with the archetypal colors to create electrical impulses in the brain that stimulate biochemical processes in the body to transcend Leo astrology.

Let’s look at the three phases of Leo Season 2020.

Leo Season Phase 1

  • Jul 22 Sun enters Leo – Virtual Ritual Sign Up
  • Jul 27 Quarter Moon
  • Jul 27 Jupiter sextile Neptune

This year, Leo season kicks off with a lot of power with both Sun and Moon in Leo! Drama much?! We need to be very careful about how we express ourselves during this time. However, as long as a creative solution is the goal, don’t get too caught up in the flair-ups.

Plus, we are still going through the three negative weeks until August 7, 2020, so it’s a great practice to make excuses for people who are misusing this abundance of light. The moon is waxing at the beginning of the season, giving us creative power for our New Moon in Cancer intentions. There is also a lot of fire and retrograde planets. Talk about inner heat! Be cool, and take care of yourself by looking within and not getting too involved with others’ drama as it could prove to be very radioactive. Open your heart to others and imagine new ways to share your love for service. It’s all about helping others and putting the ego aside! It’s the most spiritual thing we can do!

Leo Season Phase 2

  • Aug 3 Full Moon in Aquarius – Virtual Ritual Sign Up
  • Aug 4 Mercury enters Leo
  • Aug 7 Venus enters Cancer
  • Aug 11 Quarter Moon

Try not to be too hot and heavy with controlling others – this is time to celebrate and enjoy! This can be accomplished by asking for help and seeing the value in letting other people follow through! It is said that for every favor we return, a spark of light is restored into the cosmos, so let others return the favor!

The Full Moon in Aquarius wants to spark our appreciative gene so that we don’t have to lose anything. Mercury will join the Sun in Leo, making everything more grand and expressive. Mercury loves Leo because it can really hold an audience and keep everyone on the edge of their seat. Thankfully there is no Mercury retrograde in Leo this year, so just make sure you speak from the light and not from your ego. Venus will also enter Cancer softening us up a bit. Leo can get a bit rough and aggressive at times, but Venus in Cancer wants to be homey and soft. This is a great time for love and care.

For Self Care

Waiting too long to deal with your stress or fears? Not a good idea, especially in times of pandemic. The energy is heavy outside and it’s your responsibility to take care of your health and wellness. It will increase immunity on physical and spiritual levels. During these uncertain times, your mental health is more important than ever, and waiting to get healing until the pandemic is over is likely to make things worse in the long run.

Leo Season Phase 3

  • Aug 12 Saturn quintile Chiron
  • Aug 15 Uranus Retrograde
  • Aug 18 New Moon in Leo – Virtual Ritual Sign Up

Saturn is making an interesting aspect to Chiron, so if you get a feeling you should be taking care of yourself, act on it! Saturn can be very demanding that way. Uranus will turn retrograde in Taurus, shaking more systems. We need to all stay calm and still and not shake up the world more than it already is. I really don’t want to see any natural disasters with earthquakes on top of the poor job we did curbing the pandemic, especially because they can all be prevented with our consciousness.

Leo season will give us a boost of power, so let’s not misuse it! Be honest and don’t think twice about what others think because it will dim your light.

Leo Season Virtual Ritual – Draw Upon The Energy Of Strength & Love

Since everything comes from light, all the ions, atoms, and cosmic pixels are influenced by the Leo archetype which filters the light of the sun before we receive it here on earth. The sun represents 60-70% of our personal fate, so it’s a rather large shift. In order to really make the most of this special 30 Day period, I offer a quantum sunlight meditation where you access your solar plexus energy and align with the highest vibration of the archetype to ensure a powerful return of energy throughout the Leo season.


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