Learning To Love Again

The truth is those challenges you are facing are a divine opportunity, pain does not arise to harm you, rather it surfaces to awaken you. I know this can be a difficult concept to comprehend in the midst of suffering, trust me, I hear you! I don’t share this article without a deeper understanding of how challenging this can be but honestly it is only our weird internal addiction to struggle that actually makes it hard, the truth is everything shall pass.

It is in the suffering that you are served with a chance to make a choice and that is one that enables you to choose again in your life, rather than fighting against what is being served to you, embrace it and allow it into your life with open arms. If you can just find the courage within you to be willing to accept what is, then you can truly allow the miracles in your life to unfold. The first miracle would be to find inner peace so you can be freed of the inner struggle and the power to achieve this lies within you.

“All that is required of you is to make a new choice, to accept rather than to fix, because you can not fix what is not broken”

It is true for most of us that we have not been taught unconditional love therefore you do not know how to love truly, I am here to inform you that your pain does not have to be a bad thing. What if it was only your perception of the experience that is causing your pain?

To embody ALL that you are, you must experience all of life, both experiences that have been labelled and separated as good or bad, the truth is there is neither, it just is. Everything in your world is a mirror of who we are, so if you can embrace the duality of life then it will enable you to embrace the duality within you.

“Everything is and always will be for you”

This truth automatically shatters the identification with the false “victim” self, that contributes to you showing up as less than you are. It is a disrespect to the true spirit within you. If you can just for a moment get out of your own way and accept this truth, that life is teaching you to love again, you can wake up to the beauty of life and see your world through the eyes of light instead of darkness.

“You have always had that power within you”..

The only thing that has been prohibiting you from experiencing a life of love is the belief you never had free will to choose otherwise and that life was merely happening to you. You had no awareness of the truth that you were they key, to setting yourself free. This is why it is a blessing to me to be able to share this with you so you can now make that choice, if you so choose it to be.

“The love in me, sees the love in you”.

It is this true embodiment of wholeness that will enable you to remember your truth, you are and always will be love.

I see your beautiful heart as healed and whole.


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Hayley Woodgate

Hayley woodgate is a spiritual coach that empowers other deeply empathic and soulful women by guiding and supporting them in…

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