Learning The Art of Silence…

Learning The Art of Silence

I am learning to be quiet amid the chaos.

I am learning that I don’t have to counter all those who bother me, hurt those who hurt me. I am not expecting any more to get everyone to treat me the way, I treat them. I am letting my mind adorn patience and stand still when it wants to run away.

Trying so hard to win over things is a waste of time; not reacting doesn’t mean I am ok with what is happening around me, it’s just that I am choosing to rise above it. I am allowing my mind to digest the lesson and let others learn by themselves.

I am withdrawing from the responsibility that once I over-burdened my shoulder with, and letting others go along with their pace. I repudiate fights, arguments, and fake connections to make an abode in my heart. I don’t need more drama.

I am learning to build bridges instead of walls.

I accept it was not part of me when I let my words run wild, but I learned it is not exquisite to always speak my mind. My reactions won’t change anything, people won’t suddenly love and respect me; It is essential to leave some things on their own. Do not fight for closure, don’t ask for explanations, justification is not gonna fix anything, don’t chase answers, don’t expect people to understand why I am what I am today.

I am learning to be ok when it shines when the dark clouds threaten to thunder when skies pour over me when water freezes over when people turn their back; even though I much need them.

I am learning to make my scars pain free rather embellish them with radiant.

Society is not here to validate my choices, career can’t give me an identity, my friends can’t approve my worth, I no longer expect my love to connect with my deepest self.

I am upgrading myself by abandoning the part of me that doesn’t fit and shed the layers that don’t belong. I am welcoming those thoughts that emanate inside me which constrain my submerged mind to change the people and their situations but to raise my awareness, expand my consciousness and work persistently through my inner power to be the person I want to become.

I am training my subconscious to pick the battle with one hand and be mindful with another; keeping bigger picture in mind. I am deserting the idea of right and wrong and redirecting my energy toward my own expansion. I am taking mood off the emptiness and impede it to dilapidate mine another day.

I am embracing quality of waiting and aligning it with patience.

I am giving myself liberty to free the space inside my head that occupy someone else, compare those who once used to be part of my heart. I am learning that my timing is different than those who are perceived harder and faster than me.

I am learning that it is my journey and I must make it beautiful.


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