Learn To Flow With The Movement Of Life…

Learn To Flow With The Movement Of Life

How many of you can see that, “If there is ever to be freedom, somehow or other I’m going to have to accept everything that’s given to me?” We need to understand how that works. So, take a deep breath.

There are two orders of transformation. They are not really separate. One and the other are in a constant exchange, just like the river is in a constant exchange. The two orders of transformation are the transformation of myself and the transformation of the world.

You cannot transform the world into anything right, true, and meaningful without transformation of self. So, the order of things is transformation of self, then transformation of world… not create new laws according to ideas of a perfect map that leads to a happy world and then you’ll be a different human being. We have seen unequivocally that that doesn’t work.

Now, keep in mind this simple idea we’re talking about. “How do I learn to accept everything that’s given to me, and at the same time, take part in the fundamental understanding I have for the need for being a new human being and for the world to become better?”

How many of you have problems accepting what you are given to be? Of course! That’s why we have blame. “I can’t accept what I’m given to be when you’re negative. When you’re negative, I can’t accept that at all. In fact, I flat-out don’t want you, and you stay away from me!” Am I accepting what I’m given to be if I’m around people and they’re negative, and I run from them, or I try to figure out how to make lots of money so I can isolate myself from everything irritating? No. How is it possible for me then to accept what is given to me to be? How do I accept that which I don’t want?

Please listen, because you can begin to see that “what I don’t want” isn’t the feeling of the moment. What I don’t want is the feeling that gets stuck in my mind… like a river stopping in midstream where now I’m looking at this one spot that looks bad and I don’t want that one spot. I don’t want to accept what I’m feeling. I don’t want to accept what I’m going through.

Can I ask you a question? Can you change what has happened to you? Somebody says something you don’t like. You’re full of feelings you don’t like, and you don’t accept it. Can you change what has happened to you? No… but you try: change the person, come up with some other way to live or someone else to be. Nevertheless, you can’t change what has happened! What has happened has happened.

The feeling you have felt cannot be changed; it can only be resisted as you are now. Resistance tries to stop the movement of the river so that you can be further defined over how dark you are for what you don’t want. When you get bugged, when you get frightened, when you get worried, do you know why you stay that way? Because you freeze the river. The mind freezes the river. That’s what thought does. Thought is a fast-freeze device.

But while we cannot change any moment, we can receive it. And in receiving it, the nature that receives it — through awareness – is actually part of the change. Then my real life, the real river is one thing. There’s no longer me apart from the movement of life, trying to control the way it goes. I have found inside of myself that which can be in relationship with the full movement of this perfect life, perfect purity, perfect energy that is working itself out, and I can accept it — all or nothing. I can accept what I’m given to be because if I accept it and see it, it’s changed and so am I. The river removes it.

Look how beautiful it is if you can see it. When a person understands the true meaning of “letting go and letting God,” they start to realize

a completely different order of freedom, one that the mind cannot begin to imagine because the mind (in order to imagine things) freezes things, stops things.

Great Intelligence has a great story that is never not telling itself. We can accept the whole of the story, because in accepting the whole of the story, guess what happens? We’re not apart from it anymore because we’re living from a completely different order of ourselves in which the principle concern is not with proving ourselves or changing things according to our ideas anymore, but instead (you can do it right now) spending it wide-awake, letting life give us what we are, what we need to be, and what we need to see.

And in the light of that awareness, we take natural part in all the necessary change that the rest of the physical world is intended to reflect through that perfection. That is the way to a great life and a great world… but do the inner work. Make an aim: I’m going to accept what I’m given to be. And if you do that, then you’ll see that what you’re given to do through that will never betray you… or anyone else.


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