Learn The Way Of Stillness – Observe The Still Dark Pool…

Learn The Way Of Stillness – Observe The Still Dark Pool

While lifting my hands to the sun and bowing toward the earth. The image of bubbles floating to the surface of a dark pool floated to the surface of my mind. The insight and inspiration came to me and demanded that I write. I finished my physical practice and meditated through the writing process.

Observe the still dark pool. The dark, unmoving waters contain many beautiful mysteries. Gaze long into the pool. Eventually, air bubbles lazily float to the surface and seemingly disappear into the air.

The bubbles are a sign of unseen movement. Perhaps a fish stirring at the bottom releasing trapped air or a turtle releasing his breath.

Truly, does it matter the cause?

We experience the air bubbles and their action.

A deep dark pool resides at the center of our being. A world filled with wonders and mysteries. Dark silence pervades that world. Our minds preoccupied with the pelting rains and winds that stir the surface of the pool, yet miss the peaceful stillness in the deep darkness.

Observe the still dark pool. The pool at the center of your being. The pool where peaceful waters are gathered. The pool in which light surface from the darkness.

We begin to notice the stillness at our core. Initially, the stillness frightens us. It is unknown. The stillness is outside the comfort zone our loud, noisy existence.

If we were to stop thinking for a moment would we cease to exist?

As the stillness settles do we grow impatient expecting a thrill?

A feeling?

An emotion?

AS we swim deeper into the darkness, does hope fade into despair?

Beyond hope, continue to gaze. At the breaking point when nothing but silence and darkness prevail, thoughts and images begin to float to the surface of your consciousness. Cleansing of the old negative stale thinking gives way to fresh, clean clarity and intuition. The newness surfaces as do the bubbles and disappear into your risen consciousness.

Just as the bubbles from the still dark pool reunite with the air, the clear, intuitive thoughts and images reunite with your risen consciousness.

All must step away from the pool, for life requires this. Draw from the still dark pool. Fill the buckets of your consciousness with clarity, with insight, with intuition, with wisdom and mindfully carry these as you journey in the world.

Learn The Way of Stillness – Observe the Still Dark Pool.


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